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Idaho - Boise area?

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I live in Boise...just looking for new people to meet (online anyways) ;)

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Hi Tamee,

     I live here in the Boise area as well :).  My husband and I are expecting our first baby in June and we are very excited.  Have you lived in the Treasure Valley for long?  All the best!

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Hello ladies! Tamee- I'm in Nampa- just a few minutes away:) and so glad to see this thread! And Julia (sp:() congratulation on the wee one!!! June will be here before you know it:)
My husband and I -Rachel, btw:) have one son- Jackson 15 months old. We both are both Idaho natives but have been around abit as well... I would love to hear more about you two?wink1.gif
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I was born in Mountain Home into an Air Force family which took me all around the country, not to mention many places I've been to outside of family travel. I lived in Alaska and Maryland with my parents, as well as Georgia and have road tripped all throughout the rest of the country, except for the north easter part.


I love Boise! So far it's been my favorite city.


How about the two of you?

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