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At-home dad

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Hi all!


I'm a stay-at-home dad living in rural Virginia... I have 2 girls, one born March '08 and one born in May '10.  We just moved here in July for my wife's job, and I'm finding it darn near impossible to find anything like a support network here in the middle of nowhere.  I'd love to chat with other at-home parents, trade some advice, and so on.  So, this is just to say: HI!  Hope to see more of you in the near future.  



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hi! :) i'm one of very few SAHMs in my area so i know what it's like to wonder: where is everyone?!

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have you tried meetup.com?  there may be a local sah group

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I checked meetup: nothin'.  There's a group about 2 hours away from me, but that's not very feasible for me to go hang out.  I'm trying to hook up with a mom's group that's about 1 hour away from me, but I think they're very mom-focused and Christian, and I am a non-Christian dad.  Thanks for the advice, though!  I'll try to remember to keep checking meetup now and then, see if anything new pops up.

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Hi! There are no groups near me, either. It's kind of weird and lonely.
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Just a shot in the dark here, but what about a platonic Craigslist ad?  I know, probably feels and seems odd, but I actually met a friend that way a few years back when I lived elsewhere.  It may be worth a shot.  It can be really lonely when you're geographically isolated and staying at home.  If that doesn't suit you, why not start your own meetup group for your area?  smile.gif

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Welcome!  i'm in VA too, though probably not quite as rural as where your are!  I went to VT - and travel thru SW VA to see my inlaws in WV and KY.  I think I'm familiar with the area you live in and it is awfully remote feeling!  But fear not - you have an online support community!

Are you near a library to take your children to story time?  Or a park (in nice weather!)?   Sometimes just grocery shopping in the middle of a weekday might lead you to finding another sahp in the neighborhood.

Have you been to the finding your tribe forum?  post a note in the va/wv/ky group to see who might be out there in your area.


Good luck!

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Just want to agree with the park suggestion, I see SAHDs at the park all the time in the middle of the day. Our area has a lot of them, though. But you can also meet other SAH parents in classes, like a family music class, library storytimes, gymboree, things like that where you can bring both girls. Zoos, museums, kids art studios or play cafes, etc etc. Not sure what's in your area, it sounds pretty rural?

My DH and I notice a lot of times conversations between parents get split according to the sexes, so when we get together with my parenting club he always feels left out by the moms. It's hard for a guy to jump in when a couple women are talking, I know. I try to be really inclusive and make sure I strike up conversations with dads the same as moms, because of that. All this is to say...go ahead and be friendly with the moms, too, because if you try everything and can't find any local SAHDs, maybe you'll meet some moms that can be friends to meet up with too for outings. Maybe some of them will "get" it.

Good luck, one of the hard things about being a SAH parent is feeling so isolated and not having much adult conversation, so you have my sympathies!
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