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Anyone know about vasectomies?

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DH and I are concerned about doing things as naturally or safe as possible. We have one child from previous relationship and three of our own. We feel we are done. I just got AF back 8 mo PP now so we are thinking along the lines of something permanent. Neither of us want to mess with our bodies, but a vasectomy is still an option. The other option is NFP but we were using it and concieved with our last as I wasn't disciplined enough to do it right. I want a guarantee. I will not get a tubal ligation b/c mom had one and her cycles went all wacky after that - heavy flow, sickness, intense pain, irregularity - threw her into perimenopause, basically. Seems to be in my family so I do not want to go through that. Our concern about vasectomy is the long term effects. I read an article once that said it decreases a man's life expectancy by about 5 years. I have looked on the net and can't find anything and of course every GP will tell me there's no risks. Have you gals come across any info on this? With a vasectomy the sperm has to be re-absorbed by the body - totally unnatural - can this have long term effects? If so, what effects and what is the science behind it?

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Dh had one......and I didnt find anything online about shortened life expectancy. Everything I read didnt have any studies to back it up.

Dh had the new procedure that doesnt require stitches. He had no complications.....

Im going to look online and see if I can post a link with info....
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I've read someplace about maybe an increased risk for prostate cancer. But then I read someplace else that said that was hooey.

I can tell you that without insurance a vasectomy runs an average of 1000.00.

We are saving back! We were too young when we had insurance and after ds was born my insurance didn't cover it. Then we had Bryce. NFP got us pg both times so we are scrapping it for the most part. We aren't planning anymore babes but we both know that if we don't take care ofthings soon we will be adding to the family...
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we seem to be meeting each other on many threads here! Fortunately, I am in Canada and most if not all is payed for . The problem here is the approximate 6 mo waiting list! PS, DH is very timid about going under the knife when involving sensitive body parts, KWIM?

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We are also considering vasectomy for eventual birth control, though we plan on having a couple more babes first. A husband of a friend, however, had a vasectomy and since then has had intense pain during sex. It's had a very heavy toll on his marriage. His doctor (not the one who did the deed) says the problem is scar tissue. Dh is pretty concerned, but we have heard that problems like scar tissue are really a thing of the past. Anyone have info on the new vas clip? It's supposed to be a little rice-sized clip that cuts off the flow-no cutting.
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Heres a link to the doctors site that did my dh's vasectomy:


My dh had his over 3 yrs ago, has had no side affects or pain. He spent a weekend with an icepack on his crotch and was back to work on Monday (had it on Friday). He is a big baby when it comes to anything medical......and said it wasnt that bad......
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I think I'm the one who is a big baby! I know that the general rule is that vasectomies are safe, but what if DH is one of the casualties who gets a botched job? It CAN happen, despite the doc's reassurances. I couldn't live with myself if I pressured him and caused him uneccesary pain or trauma. BTW, if his sex life suffers, so does mine! I've also heard of scar tissue mutating b/c of damaged DNA and becoming cancerous.

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Dh and I are talking about him doing this right now too....
Well we were but apparently he isn't so sure now...but that's another thread

Any woo....
Dh was talking to some guys he worked with after Ds was born and the only person who commented negatively was one of the guys said that his Dd accidently hit him there and it hurt ten times more then before he had his Vas done....so Dh was worried about this....I'm interested in what the new procedure is....

A 6 month waiting list where you are?? I wonder what we are here....Hopefully we'll make an appointment for him Wed....

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We also have 6 month waiting.
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I'm interested to see this thread b/c DH is going for his vas on Thursday! He is *dead set* against having any more children and I've been through more than my share of problems with every kind of birth control you can think of.

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Apparently sometimes it's a 1 year wait. As for now I'm diligently charting my temp and mucous. It'll be condoms other than that....I guess the rest is up to DH.

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Dh had his appt. with the specialist in November, and had it done early January, all paid for. He was given meds to relax him the night before and the morning of, and they were worse than the op - he was acting drunk.

No side effects. He goes this week or next for his sperm count.
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Dh had a vasectomy last December after the birth of our third child. It was done by the same urologist who did our sons brit milah (jewish ritual circumcison) in our home six months earlier. The procedure took 10 minutes. Dh was sore for about 5 days and then totally back to normal.
No complications.
He did take pain meds for the first 48 hours but after that didn't need them.
He never went back in for his sperm count lol. Chicken. LOL

It was done in office so we paid a $15 copay and that was it
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