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Muslim Mamas 2011

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh, May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you all:


Here's a new thread for 2011 for all the Muslim mamas to chat in.  All madhabs welcome. :) All Muslimahs or anybody interested in Islam welcome. :)


If you have a question about Islam, you may post it here, but it probably should be posted in religious studies as well. 




So... starter question... what are your goals for your Deen/spiritual life for 2011???


For me, I'd really love to finally get comfortable reading Qur'an in Arabic Insha'Allah.  


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Wa alaikom as salam~


I don't really have any relevant goals, myself.   sulkoff.gif   Or, my goals ATM are mostly regarding academics and getting back into the pre-babies swing of things a little bit, which I suppose if I wanted to stretch it I could make about spiritual betterment, but it *would* be a stretch.  


Which is to say, I'm mostly posting as a combo way of subbing to the new thread and bumping it up.  lol.gif  Hope everyone is well.

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Salaams, Sisters!


I am working on being present, rushing less, appreciating more, having less. Enjoying the spiritual and mystical aspects of my day to day and being grateful and open.


And finding life is, indeed, unfolding for me in new ways. It is looking like we may be relocating, and I suppose I may as well put "working on my Arabic" on the list of 2011 goals. For me and the kids. Anyone with experience in the UAE? Honestly, this is quite a surprise to me, and I am amazed and so thankful that somehow, Allah is granting us grace to face the changes.

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I think the goals I will have every year, until I master them, is to pray all 5 prayers on time and to read the Quran every single day. If I do this, I feel I am improving and being an active Muslim. I would like to memorize at least 1 ayah (preferably 3) a day, but right now I just need to read the Quran every day since I am struggling with that.


There is a beautiful book I recently orderd from Amazon, "The Bounty of Allah." A bit overpriced at the moment, but I recommend it to you all.



It gives a Quran verse and hadith or wise Islamic saying from a famous pious Muslim each day. It is a wonderful way to start my day.

More products are needed like this -- there are many Christian daily devotional books (some specific to teens, moms, women, men, etc.) and this is the only Islamic one I know of.


Blessings to each of you and your families


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Just stumbled across these cute hijab Barbies....



The same site is having a sale on cotton underscarves (pack of 3) for anyone interested

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Has anyone read Desperately Seeking Paradise and/or A History of Islam in America?  I'd like to know if they have that "primer on Islam" tone that books aimed at a primarily non-Muslim audience tend to carry.  I don't want to pick them up only to realize two chapters in that I'm not the intended audience after all.  redface.gif

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For the books...I'd check out the reviews on Amazon.com


But...Gotta put my political analysis in :)


Haven't read them, but the subtitle of the History of Islam in America ("From the New World to the New World Order") is extremely political. The term New World Order is NOT Muslim-friendly (in case you're interested.... here's a look at it). Generally this term seems to suggest its Muslims against the West, and that is how the world will work. I'd read any book employing that term with a sharp, skeptical eye....and be cautious of anyone you see on TV etc. who uses that term!


However, after looking through the viewable pages on Amazon.com it seems like the book is employing that term in order to argue against it....to paint a real, human view of Muslims to go against the "politicized, dichotimized" view held currently by many (it says this on the first page or two). Any book that points this out, in my opinion, must be pretty dang good. And its Cambridge University Press (reliable). Seems aimed at non-Muslims, but I myself would love to read it to know more about my history.


Let us know if you read it.


P.S. Since we're talking about books, stay away from the Penguin Classics translation of the Quran and dont give it out to non Muslim friends!!!

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Salamu Alaykum Sisters...


Our family recently decided for dh to accept a promotion that includes relocation to UAE. Anyone here have experience living there? Insha-Allah, we will be based in Dubai. I know it's an expat-based city and a very, very mixed society. It's exciting for us...the kids will have the opportunity to do somewhat-immersion language learning (me, too!), and they will go to an international school. It looks like a very respectable compensation package, so while I am concerned about the cost of living and lifestyle pressures, I also know that most people with cost of living issues also drink and party, and that is not a part of what we will be doing.


I'll also transition to being a SAHM, which I have not been since ds was a baby (he will be 10 this spring), and I am hoping to find a nice circle of sisters there.


Just wondering if anyone here knows anyone there...

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Assalamu Alaikum Mamas:


I know I'm not the only one with family in Egypt. Just asking everybody to make du'a for all of the protestors and all Egyptians tomorrow.  If it's Allah's will that they succeed, then may it be done quickly and without violence.  If not, may Allah(swt) protect those with the courage to speak out against the regime.





ljooj: My friend's husband is from Dubai. He grew up there, but is Indian.  Also, good friends of ours lived there briefly (less than a year), but ended up moving to KSA.

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I hope your family is ok, umsami.

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Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan, all of them. Insha-Allah, keep them safe and may peace prevail.

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Thanks Liquesce.  I hope everybody you know is doing well too.


It's amazing how cut off our family in Cairo is... especially the older folks.  They have no clue what's going on... all they see is what Mubarak & Co wants them to see on state TV.  They're being warned against Al-Jazeera and listening to what people from abroad might tell them. etc.  They cut off cell phones again.  Insha'Allah this will all resolve soon...and in a way that is best for the Egyptian people.



Oh...and can I say I'm sick of the whole "Islamist" thing?  Why is the worst thing people can imagine is that actual practicing Muslims govern a Muslim country?

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Assalamu alaykum,

there is so much excitement among the Egyptians at the masjid, and the school where i work.  There is a hopefulness, and also prayerfulness, for there is of course a lot up in the air.  i think people from Yemen and Syria are holding their breath, daring to hope for change.


Jo, i hope your plans are going well.  is there an estimate of when you will move?  my first thought was your farming—not something i expect you'll be able to continue in Dubai?


i hope everyone is doing well inshaAllah.

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Assalamu Alaikum Everybody:


Just thought I'd post this nice article on Prophet Muhammad (saws) for those who are celebrating Mawlid-an-Nabi today.  I know that Shias celebrate it later in the month...and that Salafis don't at all... but for those who do, here you go:



I was planning to do a whole bunch today, but it's bitter cold outside--and I really don't want to go out.  I know... I know... totally wimping out. :)  I do think I might be able to put together a bday cake though.




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Thank you, umsami. stillheart.gif

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Salaam, Sisters!


I tried posting a few days ago but I'm on an old, wonky laptop so it didn't make it up. I wanted to check in and see how those with family in revolution zones are doing. Is everyone OK?


And thank you, umsami, for the lovely article. It was a good reminder. I have a growing interest in biographical info on the beloved Prophet (saws). Love to be reminded of the ways of the faith.


And kanga, you are right, no farming for us in the immediate future. We are selling it all. It is definitely sad, and I guess I am having a hard time with it, because I kept my goats and then they both kidded, and now instead of 3 goats I have 9. Two are upstairs in dd's bedroom waiting for their bottles right now...


It looks like our plans are changing from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, which is fine, but sets us back in looking for home and school info.


Love to you all...

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No time to reply more right now.....but I just wanted to mention that baby goats are probably one of my favorite things in life!!!!! They are so cute, I can't stand being around them because they are so just ridiculously cute mashallah!!!! The fact that they are in your daughters bedroom is adorable! I wish they were in mine!!!

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Assalamu Alaikum Everybody:


I need major du'a for my Dad.  His leukemia has gone from Stage 0 to Stage III in 3 months.  He was told today that he must begin chemo tomorrow...and has to do three sessions right in a row (three days in a row).  I don't honestly know if he can take it.  He's so weak from fighting the MRSA, and the leukemia itself.  Please, keep him in your prayers.


Thanks :)

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Salaamu Alaikum,


I don't post much but wanted to say "hello" and post a few things:


First, Umsami, I've been thinking of your dad and your family and making Du'a for him and you, praying for the best possible outcome.


Second, Liquesce, I read Desperately Seeking Paradise before I started my journey into Islam. It definitely has some primer-esque qualities, and it is not written mainly with a Muslim audience in mind. For practicing Muslims and those in the know, I think it could still potentially be interesting because it is a spiritual autobiography that (if I remember correctly) covers the author's experiences with various groups in England and out of England starting in the 1970s, all the while describing the development of his personal understanding of Islam. At the time, I found this book unique and refreshing and enjoyed the author's style. This author also did the Blogging the Qur'an series. I have since read another book of his, "Postmodernism and the Other," and found his thinking to be original, thought-provoking and inspiring. If I had more time, I would like to reread Desperately Seeking Paradise, just to see what I would think of it now. I'd be interested to hear what you think, too, if you read it.


1jooj, wishing you all the best with your big move! I recently visited the Gulf for the first time. I trust you will have an exciting adventure and a happy home in the UAE.

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umsami, I have also been thinking of you and your father. Sending love your way.


sky_and_lavender, impressions? Thoughts? How was your Gulf trip? Thank you for your well-wishes.


All my 4-legged friends are gone, and we have just a few chickens left here.YSM, I had a lady take the last of my goats before she paid them off, in part because I was getting too attached for my own good. Now, we're making repairs on the house for the sale and other steps toward the move. Looks like it will be Dubai, insha-Allah. I've applied to one school for ds and dd and will wait for a response before worrying about more applications. Dh will likely leave in a month, and we will try to finish out school a little early, trying to get a visit in to the ILs in Morocco in June. Definitely feeling ready to go!


Also hoping everyone's extended families all over the world are safe, secure and healthy.

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