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Have a wonderful and safe trip 1jooj.


I thought I was over the patriarchal God is a man thing, but I do have to admit saying "she" or goddess or whatever shows that i'm not.  Insha'Allah, with work, I can get there. LOL


Found this which I thought was interesting.  Ibn 'Arabi apparently said "she" for Allah(swt) on occasion.  




"That is why Ibn al-‘Arabî says Allah can be referred to as both huwa (He) and hiya (She)."


We're heading off to FL on Tuesday for a few weeks.  I'm excited that we might get to attend some Ramadan iftars with friends there--and then ISA be back here to celebrate with new friends as well.  

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Assalamu Alaikum:


Full-length skirt, no slit alert!!  Just picked up one khaki and one denim long skirt at Old Navy.  $32.00 each. They ran big, so I think even if you're up to a 20 or 22, you might be able to buy one off the rack. They're kind of that gypsy/boho look.  Completely full-length--no slits... so if you're looking for new clothes for Eid, this might work for you.  I didn't find any long-sleeve tops that worked with the skirts, though--although they just might not be in yet.



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JZK Um Sami... it's always exciting to spot an off-the-rack item that works for us winky.gif


I stumbled on this website. DS is still too young, but inshAllah maybe yall can benefit from some of these ideas from a Muslimah homeschooler: http://ummabdulbasir.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/ramadan-lapbook-1430/


It seems Ramadan will start on Monday. InshAllah I hope you all have a blessed beginning to this month!

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How is everyone's first day of Ramadan?? I am fasting today. InshAllah it will be easy for me and I won't have any problems with my milk supply. 


What's for Iftar? We are having orange/date salad, edamame, couscous and baked fish eat.gif


 ❤RaMaDaN MuBaRak❤

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Originally Posted by ZakareyasMama View Post
What's for Iftar? We are having orange/date salad, edamame, couscous and baked fish eat.gif

Orange/date salad sounds wonderful.  :D  Is there a recipe for that, or is it more or less as it sounds -- simply oranges and dates?


For some reason I always manage to make fried chicken on the first of Ramadan.  It's like my own personal, totally unintentional tradition.  Also garlic and green chile rice, salad, and a black bean and kale soup this year.

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i got the idea from an orange/date salad I had at a local Med. Deli. I googled it but didn't find much... mainly just this: http://ammaluskitchen.info/2008/07/23/orange-date-and-almond-salad/


I used canned mandarin oranges (the fresh ones at the store looked horrid, but good fresh would be better of course) and dates chopped lengthwise and toasted sliced almonds. For the dressing I boiled the juice from the orange can with some mint tea and cinnamon and cloves. It turned out really good. DH liked it but said maybe try adding a little spice to give it a kick. Next time I think I'll try that too.


The recipe from the blog called for Ras el Hanout, anyone heard of that?

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Ramadan Mubarak!  This year, my goals are the 5 daily prayers, on time.....still struggling with that like no other since, well, since my children entered the picture   ;)  The Quran.  Every year I say that at Ramadan time and every year, I get to about the same point.  This year will be different, InshaAllah.  And just being a better, more kind, peaceful, happy wife and mother.  What else could be better?

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Ramadan Mubarak.  I am having a difficult time feeling inspired/motivated.  to be the only one in my house fasting makes iftar meals a lonely proposition.  my nearest Muslim friend is 30 minutes drive.... not practical when sunset is so late.


if you have a favorite article/audio you suggest to relieve discouragement, I welcome your suggestions.  I want to embrace this month, really.


also, I just returned from a trip to see my family.  if you are willing, please keep my brother in your prayers.  he is going through a very ugly divorce, and my heart breaks for him.  I am trying to trust that Allah swt will take care of my brother and his young daughter, that all will be as it should be.

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Salam Alaikom,


Ramadan Kareem everyone!!! I am Aneesah and  decided to join the thread after I read so many amazing stories of all you incredible strong muslims mamas. It is nice finally  finding a thread that is relatable to my  human experience. As a convert of 5 years to Islam and married to an Arab-Muslim I have a hard time finding the balance betweeen East & West, as well as unlearning old habits and adopting new ones. I am Always feeling out of place in both worlds. While I do submit to the will of Allah swt and believe the Quran is the direct word of Allah swt given to us I find it very difficult and struggle with the hadiths. I have a deeply questioning nature which Alhumdulilah is what brought me to Islam in the first place. I am not one of those spiritual people who wander from one religion to the next when they find flaws in their supposed faith, but there are alot of question that Islam has not answered for me. I stuggle with the clarity and honesty of many hadiths as I believe that anything translated from one person to the next will have flaws in it. I question the deeply patriarichal society that the Arabian gulf was at the time and believe that as a result the hadiths and translations of were influenced from this society. When I question the hadith many of my muslims faiths belief it is a weakness in my faith, I believe it is a weakness not to question faith as it is the inquisitive nature of man thought brought us to question our existence and bring us to islam in the first place. I feel that I am rambling but I would like to know has anybody else has had a similar experience as my own.

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Ramadan Kareem! And welcome, AneesahMama!


I didn't start off Ramadan on the best foot, but insha-Allah am ratcheting my way back on track. We fasted the first few days in Morocco. First night, broke fast with my very dearest friend in that country, in her lovely country house (which now has running water AND electricity, too), and watched shooting stars from the mountainside as I fell asleep. It was beautiful, but our health really suffered this summer in Morocco, with everyone getting diarrhea to some extent, plus ds and I also throwing up and fevering, and all of us working through the cold dh had brought with him from Saudi Arabia before the trip. All told, ds went through 3 rounds of 3 different kinds of antibiotics in under 2 weeks. The rest of us each just did one. So, we tried really hard to hydrate like crazy before fasting started, and alhamdulillah, we are OK now. The (literally) hundreds of flea bites are now scabbed over and healing, too, and most of the laundry has already been washed. I also bought myself a couple new jellabas there. Way too hot to wear outdoors in Dubai in August, but they are so pretty and nice, so comfortable, and in nice bright colors (a burnt orange one and pistachio green). I could wear a jellaba every day.


Now that I have internet, I am planning to listen to more Quran throughout the month. I listen to radio in the kitchen while I cook and clean, and I think I will start to listen to Quran maybe during that last hour while I prepare Iftar. I also will look for good video and podcasts. There is a sisters' group here, but I don't think I am in a place to handle the rigor of their class offerings at this point. Tarawih is across the street, and while I am right now just exhausted and not heading over, I will start participating this week. Dh also seems to still be sleeping off the illnesses, long days of travel and emotional exhaustion of the trip. I just hope he doesn't let the sea-level pressure and high humidity drag him down into a funk.


I am also experiencing Ramadan a little differently this year, internally. Last year was a big turning point for me, and I hope to have even a small taste of that loveliness this year, to carry me through the loneliness of this move and being alone in Dubai, an expat and also a converted Muslim, during the empty summer. It is tough, but Dubai is a temporary place for all but the Emiratis, so I need to structure my life in a way that promotes new friendships but also respects the fact that I won't grow real roots here.


Kanga, I like to listen to Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Hisham on sufilive.com. I know they're not everyone's bag, but Sheykh Nazim has a way of relieving my discouragement with life and dunya in general. And my prayers and thoughts are with your brother. I watched a brother go through the same, but there were 2 kids. He needs all the support and love he can get now, and I hope he has the help. Love to you.


Also saw that our farm is finally on the market. Makes me feel not a little sad and wistful, but need to trust in the path and keep my feet moving.


May Allah accept your fasting, your charity and all the inspired acts of good you do this holy month!




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Salam to all,


So excited to find this thread!  


For all those struggling with Ramadan or with Islam generally, these two websites are good starting points (there are many more like this out there!).  Shaykh Faraz Rabbani is a beautiful, inspiring speaker mashaAllah with great credibility amongst mainstream Islamic scholars.  Whenever I've been at a low spiritual ebb, listening to him has brought my heart back to where it belongs! 




He keeps things very short and sweet mashAllah (no hour long droning lectures here ;-))




Ramadan Kareem to you all and I pray that we all benefit from it fully inshAllah especially with all our 'mum' responsibilities ;-)


Lucy x

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oh and I just came across this which might be useful:



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walaikum salaam AneesahMama


YES!  I am a convert of almost 10 years.  Hubby and I were just talking this morning about music, for example.  I have not read many hadiths, but I question things like music being absolutely haraam.  DH and I are in agreement that what is actually haram is spending a lot of time listening to music, bad content, things like that.  I said I had a hard time believing all music is haram when I know so many people (including myself ;) ) who naturally sing when we are happy.  We also discussed how it's so hard to know what's truth and what is not...I find as a convert, I see a lot of extremism on both ends--either everything is haraam or people who take liberties with the religion.  Like, take fasting during Ramadan.  I've heard opinions on whether or not pregnant and nursing women are exempt from fasting.  I finally figured out how to find the hadith online and read some scholars' opinions, and the scholars I read say that basically, it is up to the woman and that she should seek medical advice with this question.  So, I took that as permission to make my own decision relevant to my own situation--and I'm not fasting.


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Wa 'alaikom as-salam AneesahMama and LucyG.  :D  I really like Faraz Rabbani too, for whatever it's worth.

1jooj, it sounds like you're approaching things in a really down to earth sort of way.  :)  I don't envy you all of the upheaval, but insha'allah things will settle into a routine you feel at home in.


Peaceful_mama, the music thing -- I don't know your sect, but the traditional Sunni legal point of view is that this is an area of difference.  By which I mean different qualified sources draw different conclusions regarding whether music is halal or haram, so no matter how strongly one holds their point of view they can not say that the other opinions are deviant.  Someone can say music is haram, and they are not necessarily right and not necessarily wrong (and the same for saying that music is not haram) but neither can say the other point of view is invalid.  Which is basically what I was getting at somewhere up-thread ... that a lot of people seem to be taking the view that the more restrictive opinion is the more "Islamic" one by default, but at least in traditional scholarship that is not how it has worked, and in matters where there are considered to be valid differences that fact is seen as a mercy, not an ideological battlefield.  


It's issues like music, and the sheer popularity of calling it haram in a way that implies or explicitly claims legal/scholarly consensus, which tend to leave me feeling a little humbled in the inclination to just read books of hadith and figure I know what's what from that.  Or to run around on the internet waving hadith "proofs" to back up my own little opinion pieces ... which I may have done here ... you know.  Once or twice.  sulkoff.gif


It seems like kind of a small issue, but just a couple of weeks ago I encountered a woman who had converted to and left Islam.  I didn't pry but I got the impression she was really hurt by the experience, and that part of that hurt was having been taught Islam in a way that is all about forbidding.  I don't remember it exactly but she made a sarcastic quip that was about music being haram, and while I'm sure that wasn't the whole problem with her experience, when she said it she sounded so bitter that it made my heart hurt.  To sound both that angry and that certain about an area of uncertainty and mercy ... it made me so sad.

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Salam, Mamas. blowkiss.gif


Just sayin'. 

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Salaam everyone,


Chiming in bit late but Ramadan Mubarak!


I had my baby on July 28th! And it's a girl! :) It's been quite a journey so far...things are just so hard, but I'm surviving. I am looking forward to Eid now so I can dress her in a girlie dress, which she hasn't worn yet. She is all onsies now. I've posted this in my DDC...but for you all here it is: birth announcement..



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Mabrook!! MashAllah she is a beautiful gift. Enjoy every second with her!

Last few days if Ramadan. Went to the masjid tonight and felt so happy to be around all my sisters... We are visiting the in-laws for Eid inshAllah next week.

Peace joy.gif
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Mabrook!!  :)


thanks for the info on music  :)  THAT is an answer I can live with.  I have also seen a whole lot of extreme viewpoints, and i happen to live in a community where people don't even do anything really to celebrate our holidays due to fears of "imitating kaffirs" well guess what?  Stay out of our house, because we've got those colored lights up!  You know, the ones I bought last December 26th or so, on sale for less than 2 bucks?  LOL  I'll take them down...well, after Ramadan, but I'll stop putting them up the day somebody proves to me that there is something absolutely 100% haraam about loving twinkly colored lights.

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Congratulations, noorjahan!  :D   She's absolutely beautiful. 

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Originally Posted by peaceful_mama View Post

 I'll stop putting them up the day somebody proves to me that there is something absolutely 100% haraam about loving twinkly colored lights.


Thought you might like this.  :)   Ramadan lights in Old City Jerusalem.


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