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Yoga ball - keep? donate? aack.

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I moved everything we want to sell to my office in the hopes that it would drive me insane and I would sell it faster.


I also moved the huge yoga ball here to get it out of the way when we hosted potluck on NYE.  Now, it really has no home.  It roams around the house, rolling this way and that way, irritating me but also being nice to sit on and I use it to exercise on occasion.


But it's huge...  and it has not home.  And I'm not sure we use it enough to justify keeping it. 


So, if you have one, where to you keep it and how do you keep it in one spot?


And if you think I should get rid of it, why?


I'm really torn.

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Thinking about this very issue just today--only I don't have the ball yet. I'd like to get one, but I don't know where I'd put it either. Of course, my dd would probably play with it so it would migrate through the house...


I think you should keep it, since it sounds like you do use it.

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I kept mine as my desk chair, or tried to--the kids were always moving it. I've decluttered one twice and am thinking of buying a third! I think you just have to make your peace w/ having a big ugly ball that may or may not stay put in your house.

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I was this > . < close to donating mine but then I got pregnant (yay!) and it's awesome to use as a birthing ball. Anyway, ours is deflatable, so we deflated it and will inflate it when the time comes for babe to be born. Also good for bouncing babes...the thing to inflate it is small and inexpensive too (and inflates other balls as well). That might be an option.

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Can it go in the garage? The attic space?  DONATE!

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My DH got annoyed with my yoga ball getting in the way so he deflated it.


It felt very deflating too....


Must admit that was when we lived in a small space....I am thinking of reinflating now we have more space!  Probably keep it in the garage while not in use.

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Mine is in the basement.  Putting a little towel under it keeps it from rolling around.  I don't want to get rid of it because it works great for doing sit-up/crunches.  I figured if I'm ever motivated enough to do any kind of exercising, I'll be motivated enough to go in the basement and use it there - away from the kids.

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I have a 65 CM anti-burst stay-ball, it has a weight or something (feels like a bean bag) inside of it that keeps it from moving. Mine is mostly deflated right now, but as soon as we get our bedroom reorganized/rearranged, I'm planning on giving it a corner in there. I won't keep it in the main part of the house, because the kids want to kick it and throw it around, or they try to sit on it and get hurt. I also have a smaller ball (the next size down maybe) that stays inflated, but fits easily in our bedroom closet. It also fits in our bathtub/shower, which I am anticipating could come in handy during our homebirth in July...

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