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Wow, that totally sucks WS!!  I tried that site a long time ago and, although I don't like Amazon either, I got a really bad vibe from MyRegistry.  They spamed the hell out of my email account and just bugged me.  Good heads up for sure!!  

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Yikes about MyRegistry! I haven't gotten any spam from them or noticed any changes, but I will be keeping an eye out...

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They do have a good "unsubscribe" function Blanca and the design is much more elegant than Amazon so it's not all bad.  It's also really good that you were able to disable that feature that requires the e-mail account request.  None of the sites are ideal so I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad about MyRegsitry.  It's just good to know the ups and downs of each, ha?  

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That is extremely irritating!!

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Hi all, I just need to let everyone know what's going on with MyRegistry.com.  The supposed benefit of using the site is that you can add links/items from any online store, right?  Well, they have an automated system that will CHANGE some of your items to other stores they deem have "good customer service and shipping."  I had added a few things from a smaller localish retailer because I like to support small businesses and they have free shipping over a certain amount.  Well, the "automated system" changed a few of my items to amazon or their own MRBaby store.  I had a stroller picked out at Babies R Us, in a specific color, and the "automated system" changed the link to a similar stroller but a different color at amazon.com. 


I've gone through all the trouble to add links from stores I wanted to shop from and rearrange them in a certain order. I wrote to them about what I had noticed, and they informed me of the automated system, and said they would remove my registry from that system so the links wouldn't change.  In order to fix it back to what I want, I would have to delete the items from the registry and re-add from the correct stores.  Needless to say, I'm pissed.  Isn't it the point of a registry to pick out exactly what you want, from where you want it?

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