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Eating organic in Miles City, MT

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Hi everyone I live in Miles City, MT and I am having a problem feeding my child only organic foods, especially fruits.  The only organic fruit I can find is frozen at Albertsons(very small selection), or is half rotted at Albertsons, and that is only apples and pears anyway.


In the summer, there is a couple who sell some organic produce at the farmers market every once in awhile, I think their business is called Keepin It Cool, they have a refrigerated trailer.  But, winter is killing me!  When my dad goes to Billings I have him get me organic apples at Costco, but that is the only organic fruit they sell too!


Anyone have any advice on feeding my child organic in a town that does not have anything organic?  Besides fruit, I also would REALLY like some cottage cheese and chicken!  Is there any sites that a person can order from that delivers refrigerated organic stuff?

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I'm in Montana too, although in Western Montana where it is easier to find organics. However, I'm from Eastern Montana and I understand. How old is your child? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wee-Chef-Baby-Organics/238962574308 This is a link to a local organic baby food company in Whitefish that may ship food to you. The other option would be to find the closest co-op and see if they would ship you food. I know there is a co-op in Lewistown. You might ask them if you could get on their ordering list. You will have even more buying power if you can find a friend interested in ordering with you. Hope this helps!

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thanks!  It is so hard to find organic anything around here!  That is helpful, I will have to check it out.

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I would look into the azure standard co op.  They deliver to Miles City on their route.  You can get a variety of produce (sometimes it gets pretty sparse at the end of winter/early spring).  It looks like they currently have apples, mangos, oranges, lemons, pears, and pineapple.  They also have dairy (cottage cheese, etc.), but I don't think they have chicken.  We live in ND and have a hard time finding organics too and what we do find is usually expensive.  We order once a month online and they deliver in town a few days later.  I just go to the delivery spot and pick it up.  I hope that helps you out! 

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Thanks so much!  I was looking at their site, but it wont show me prices unless I create an account.  Does it cost to create an account?  Are the prices reasonable?  Do they charge for shipping?  Sorry about all the questions, I am so excited about this, I had no idea there was such a thing!

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I find that their prices are very reasonable!  Much cheaper than we can find most things in town here.   You don't have to pay anything to set up an account.  You just need a user name and password.  And shipping in my opinion is very reasonable.  Because they deliver via semi truck and you pick up your stuff along with everyone else on that route, it is kind of like everyone shares the shipping cost. 


You will need to call them and find a drop location that you can join (there may only be one in your area) and they will tell you when the online orders are due by each month and what the pick up day/location is.  You do need to keep in mind that they only deliver once per month and each drop location has to meet a minimum order (I think it is around $500 total for everyone on your drop point).  If your drop point does not meet the minimum, they will not deliver that month.  It can be a little inconvinient, but it has only happend to us once that we didn't meet the minimum.


Just let me know if you have any other questions!  We are passionate about the foods we eat too and its nice to share the good stuff we find : )

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Thanks so much, that is very helpful!   I have been paying a fortune for organic produce here by having Albertsons special order it, and they cant get that much anyways.  Other than that I just have to find someone willing to get me a few things in Billings if they are going to Good Earth Market, which usually no one will so it has been difficult.  I really appreciate your help!

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