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How to use PF with active baby

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I'm sure this sounds silly, but I'm serious!  I have a very active 6 mo who thinks he's a 9mo... crawling, pulling up to standing, flipping over like crazy when we change him etc.  I'm really wanting to switch to cloth PFs with wool soaker/covers but I'm wondering how the heck I'm supposed to get the PF on him and snapped between flips.  Any help?

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Pin him down? LOL. That's the only way I get ANY diaper on my DS at this point. To be honest, I don't find much difference in difficulty between PFs and wool and pockets in terms of ease of getting it on an active baby. It's a fight either way - it's 10 seconds longer with the 2-part system, that's all.


The diapers stay on just fine once they're on.

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find the holy grail of toys and use it for diaper changes. is your baby fascinated by your iphone or watch or your keys? mine is particularly entranced by the tin of zinc ointment (which we obviously never use) so i generally hand it to her while i get the prefold on her. you are using a snappi, right? i don't think it's possible to get a prefold on securely otherwise! however, as covers go, i think a wool soaker might actually be easier to get on than something with snaps or velcro. as it is, i generally have to take a break between pf and cover, but then i can put on her pants while she is crawling away because i can just pull them up instead of trying to flip her on her back again to line up the fastenings.


the other thing i do is lay the folded up pf inside the cover and try to do them up all at once. and yeah, sometimes i just let her go naked or half diapered for a few minutes when the ninja moves are getting too much.

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