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What is your pet name for baby?

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I refer to our baby as "Snowman." It could very well be "Snow Woman" for all I know, though. (After three girls, I've lost hope of a boy. Lol.)


The reason I call our baby this is because at one of my earlier ultrasounds the baby looked just like a snowman. And it was the first time I saw the baby, so that made it even more special. There was a small circle for the head. Then there was another bigger round circle like for the body. It was odd. If I had pictures, you could really see why I would think this.


So what are you calling your LO these days?

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So far it's just "The Lentil" because it was the size of a lentil when we found out about it. Now it's the size of a lime or a plum or something, but Lentil just stuck. LOL!
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Baby#1 was Baby

Baby#2 was Mini-Monk (somehow my nickname from DH became Monk)

Baby#3 was Wee Baby

Baby #4 was New Baby

This baby so far is just "the baby".  Gotta work on that. 

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This one I've been calling little guy. I'm pretty sure it's a boy. Our daughter we called newt for a while, then ignatz.

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:)  so far the bean, the peanut, or pele.  My girlfriend calls it pele because I told her we pulled the goalie and scored on the first shot. ;)

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I've been calling this one lil dino cause of the way his or her little legs were arms were tucked up in the ultrasound (looked like a tyranousaurs rex. to me). I called DS a dragon cause he gave me crazy heartburn.

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My 2 year old coined the phrase tiny baby from the picture in a book and that is what we have been calling it so far.

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So far just baby :) Im no good at nicknames, and DH gets cranky when I try to make up names

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I've got the iPod app which tells me what the baby is the size of each week, and DH has taken to nicknaming it different things each week with the name of the fruit--this week we are alternating between Limus and Carolime because we really don't have a sense as to gender. (Last week it was Prunella and Prunifer, and I think our families were pretty horrified--they aren't ever sure if we're serious!) I sort of figured one nickname or another might stick, but so far not.

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a friend of ours calls it sharky because it's due on shark week :)

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Babysmith!  (Our last name is Smith, and people call me Ladysmith).  We also call it pea or bean.

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Our's is poppyseed.. with our son it was appleseed... its how big they were when we confirmed we were pregnant ♥

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meander!! I'm so happy to see a post from you, I was wondering and worrying that I hadn't seen anything for a while.

AFM - so far, it's either "the baby" or "the belly". We haven't gotten to see it on ultrasound yet so in some ways it doesn't feel real yet. Just feels like I've grown a bloated belly for no reason! I think once we get our first ultrasound (Monday) a new name will need to be developed smile.gif
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I think it's cute when other people do pet names, but for me it's too cutesy. We just say the baby.
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yeah, i never really intended for a nickname, but lo and behold....


we watched some free videos online - miracle of birth-type stuff -- when we first found out i was pregnant.  it's our first ever pregnancy.    in this funny faux-british accent, the narrator said something like, "Then the blastocyst makes its way towards the home of the uterus" and I just shouted out,  "Go, blasto!"    It's been Blasto ever since. 


My dad says if it's a boy, the nickname might always stick, which I think is cute (and wrong, but we'll see).   All our friends and family just refer to it as blasto.   They've really taken to it.

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The Sticky One. So it would Hang on tight and not go Anywhere!

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