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Progesterone (17P) shots?

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Is anyone else doing these?  It looks like I will-- they're recommended if you've had a previous preterm birth-- and I'd love to hear about other people's experiences.

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I was doing the shots due to a progesterone deficiency. I haven't taken the shots in a couple weeks now. Make sure they don't give the injections too close in proximity to each other because it will leave a nasty, itchy, horrible rash. I am on the Prometrium capsule until much later on in the pregnancy though due to preterm labor (20w to delivery) and preterm birth with DD1. How often are you taking the injections?

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I'll be doing them once a week, starting around 16 weeks and continuing until I'm either full-term or deliver.  I'm just weaning off the nightly progesterone suppositories now, at 12 weeks, and will be off them entirely around 14 weeks.  It seems like you're going the other way-- shots at first, and then the prometrium?  Were your shots daily?

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I took a weekly shot as well as the Prometrium capsules daily. The reason for the shots was strictly due to the capsules alone not raising my levels enough.

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Charlize, that sounds hardcore!  Did you have to do the shots yourself, or did you have a nurse or someone do them for you?  Do they hurt a lot?  Moms absolutely don't get enough credit for all we do to carry healthy babies.


I also have chronically low progesterone, but I think we've figured out it's because I have insanely low cholesterol (my total value is around 111).  That's what your body makes progesterone from.  All those years of being a vegan, perhaps?  I tried to up my saturated fats when we figured that out-- which was fun-- but now I'm averse to most everything and I'm sure my numbers are back down in the dumps.  I'm really grateful for the possiblity of supplementation, but a little nervous about the actual implementation.

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The serum of the injections is very thick. I had an injection in each hip every week and there was a noticeable knot there for several days. It's not the most painful thing I've ever experienced, but it's not pleasant either. I did notice with some nurses it was better than with others.


I took the shots at my OB's office. No way am I giving myself injections unless I just absolutely have no other choice!

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I just read that the cost of these shots is about to skyrocket-- a new manufacturer got exclusive rights and is raising the cost from about $15 a shot to $1500 a shot.  Here's an article about it:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=134400300.


Bottom line, if you're using these or planning on using these, it may be worth talking to your midwife/doctor about ordering all you'll need today, before the price goes up.  That's what we just did.

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