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Does your family acknowledge the birth of the first baby only?

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Okay, so I am a little disappointed that no one is acknowledging baby number three. I know, it is selfish. I don't want anything huge, maybe 5-6 people, maybe a diaper party, or tea or dessert or something. Just something to say that they acknowledge the baby to be.



But I won't get one. My mom believes that a person gets one shower for the first baby only, for any babies after that....there is NO acknowledgement at all, aside from family coming to visit hours after the birth, expecting food and coffee and tours of the house etc....... No friends are planning anything.


BUT.....I would get more than one shower if......the babies had different fathers or if I had got divorced and remarried, or if the babies were 10 years apart.


Does your family have any crazy shower rules? I would love to hear them.



ETA: I changed the thread title.....I guess what I am referring to is not really a shower (ie. gifts) I am just referring to ANY type of acknowlegement of second, third etc babies....like a lunch, tea, etc. Not neccessarily gifts...just a get together or some kind of *oh you are having baby*acknowledgement.

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We don't do showers at all in my family. We buy our own baby stuff, the minimum before the birth, the rest after. I am rather ridiculously superstitious about buying things for a baby or celebrating the baby before it is actually born.


After the baby is actually born, we have a Christening party, and that is when people get to meet her and acknowledge her. You can celebrate a baby without calling it a shower or having it be all about gifts.

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I am not thinking that it has to be all about gifts...please read below.......

Originally Posted by momtoS View Post

 or tea or dessert or something. Just something to say that they acknowledge the baby to be.



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We don't have any hard and fast rules about showers in my family, but women generally only have a shower for their first baby. Sometimes with subsequent babies there'll be a celebratory lunch or something, but not always.


In my circle of friends, I always make a point to organize a lunch or tea or something, usually with no (or minimal) gifts, because I think every baby should be celebrated and welcomed, whether the parents need a bunch of baby gear or not. 


So, yay for momtoS's new baby!!!!!! joy.gif energy.gif jumpers.gif partytime.gif love.gif

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But, the point of a shower is gifts. Isn't that where the name comes from?

It has always been my understanding that first babies get showers---possibly later children if they come much later and the parents do not have baby things around to pass down anymore. I know some people have Mother Blessings or the like with each pregnancy, but I can only think of a couple of women I know IRL who had showers for anything but their first pregnancies.

eta: I'm sorry you are disappointed. Do you have a close friend you can ask to put together something for you? Or maybe you can ask your partner to organize a little catered lunch.
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I had a big shower for #1 (DS).


For my baby #2 (different sex than baby #1 and 5 years apart) my mom had my 2 aunts, 2 grandmas, and 2 closest friends over (and my sister)  - so 9 people total, and we had a small lunch/brunch type thing with small gifts (like one outfit or a receiving blanket).  Everyone was really excited because it was the first girl born in the family in 30 years.


My sister had a big shower for her first.  She had a big shower for her second (different father and 15 years apart). My mom also had a shower for her for her third.  #3 was a girl and was only 22 months after #2.  It was WAY bigger than my luncheon, but smaller than the other showers.  But my sister and my mom are really close and there are a lot of issues there.


I am all for having something small for subsequent babies after #1 or even a bigger shower if it is a long time span between them or with different marriages/fathers.


With my group of girlfriends, we always get together when one of us is preggo and do a small "shower" type thing.  It's not about the gifts, like what you are saying.  It's about saying that we are excited about the baby.


One thing that I am tending to notice in my neck of the woods is that (first) baby showers are tending to be bigger and bigger and really out of control. 


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oops, I was expecting a thread on showering and was going to say our only rule is don't flush the toilet when someone is in the shower HAHA


Ok, we don't have any baby shower rules. Although I don't expect a shower for each kid.

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there were multiple baby showers during my first pregnancy.  our friends (co-ed), his family (although some of my local family attended), my family and friends from where i used to live, and work.  craziness, right?!  so when i was having another baby, only 18 months later, same gender, etc . . . i really didn't expect anything like that.  however, i understand wanting it to be acknowledged in some way.  i wanted a blessingway and my doula said she wanted to throw it for me, but she never did.  i was really disappointed.  i seriously would have thrown one for myself, except that she said she wanted to do it, and i was too timid or something to ask/remind her about it (back then - now, i would totally ask and/or offer to do it myself).


since what you mainly want is to celebrate this pregnancy/baby and not necessarily gifts, you can totally host it yourself.  there is nothing uncool about that.

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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post

oops, I was expecting a thread on showering and was going to say our only rule is don't flush the toilet when someone is in the shower HAHA


Ok, we don't have any baby shower rules. Although I don't expect a shower for each kid.

me too!  orngtongue.gif

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Honestly I'd be suprised if baby number 2 got a shower! That's just now how it's done where I live (not just my family.) A lady in my church once got a second shower, but that's because she was on baby number 10 and all her stuff was pretty worn out!

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I don't know anyone IRL who had a shower after the 1st baby, the 2nd and 3rd child certainly wasn't recognized by family. I had THREE showers for my first, one by my mom, MIL, and then a work one. A good friend threw me an amazing blessingway for my 3rd, I'm pg with my 4th and she already said she is planning the grand finale of blessingways for me. LOL, good, cause there isn't going to be anyone after this one!

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I guess the rule in my family is the second child gets nothing because that's what I got nothing - for any of my three. And both my parents and my sister are well off. I had the first grandchild and the only boys. Nada
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Only firsts get showers here, although my work didn't know that which was - sweet. smile.gif

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We don't generally have showers for anything other than the 1st.  But every baby certainly gets acknowledged.  People come visit, and sometimes bring a little gift.  But the shower, to me, isn't so much about the baby being born, but a woman becoming a mom and a family expanding in a different way for the first time.  Blessingways happen sometimes for subsequent babies, but those are usually very intimate and don't always include gifts of any kind.

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I think it really is the norm that most women only have a shower for their first baby (or in cases like you mentioned: new marriage, huge gap). That said, I do think subsequent babies are absolutely worth celebrating - a party just isn't really necessary. People can still celebrate when they come by to meet the baby and see you, yk? I do know a handful of women that I can think of who have had baby showers for #2 or beyond, but it's a pretty rare occurrence.

Sorry if you feel this baby is a bit left out, but just so you are prepared, IME the more babies you have the less of a big deal people make of it (unless you are the Duggars).
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Well since the OP has rephrased the question, I don't think that baby showers are the primary way to acknowledge a new baby. They can be fun, sometimes but I don't see them as that big of a deal. But then I don't really see wedding showers as a big deal either.
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I kinda know how you feel. I had a big shower with my first, small shower with my second, now with my third I'm not expecting a shower, but it would be nice if people just acknowledged the fact that I'm pregnant. Seriously nobody ever asks me how I'm feeling or anything.
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A small celebration for your second (or subsequent) babes sounds like it would be perfect.


I didn't have anyone throw a baby shower when my twins were born and they will be my only children.  My feelings are still pretty hurt by this.  My mom had showers for each of her three children and I think my sister had one for each of her children and no one seemed to think it was a big deal that they didn't do anything for us. 


I hope you have a peaceful resolution to this!

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I had a shower for my first, and for my second, but the two were 13 years apart.  Also, dd1 is DH's "step" daughter (he is Dad though,) so dd2 was also the first grandbaby to be born into his side, though dd1 was their first grandchild. 


Anyway, I didn't have a shower for my 3rd, who was born only 22 months after my second.  We did however throw ourselves a little party.  It was a "gender reveal" party.  No gifts expected and we kept it small, family only really (which isn't small in our case, still 20 people) My sister owns a cake shop.  When we had our gender ultrasound, we were to have the US tech keep it secret from us, but call my sister and she would tell my sister.  Sis would then bake a cake with the white cake dyed blue or pink, according to gender, then frost it, everyone (except sis) finds out all at the same time.  Though in our case it backfired, we were unable to determine the gender that ultrasound and the party was already set up.  So, we still had the get together and the cake, it was just half pink and half blue:) 


There are however many other bakeries that do this.  I felt like it was a fantastic way to keep excitement about a 3rd, without having a "shower." 



Now, my SIL, she didn't have a shower with either her first or second, nor any other party, but she didn't want any.   My sister only has one little one and is done (well she has a stepson, obviously no shower there.)


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you know, i think it makes sense to not have a lot of gifts the second time around, cause man we've got so much stuff already! But I agree, I love having a get together to celebrate the very idea of the baby-- luckily my friends did this as no one on either side of the family did anything.  I mean, my ILs whom we live local to maybe asked how I was doing a couple times, that was it.  whatever! So my pals and I did a special brunch for all the moms who had/were having babies over a couple months, all second babies.  it was just nice to affirm that we were going through the challenge and joy of pregnancy and that these babies are important, too! 


But I do get bummed out that sooooo many people (especially DH's side of the family) sent cards and gifts for DD and nothing for DS. Hey we don't want gifts, but how about even a phone call to congratulate?  Seriously, several folks never even came by to meet the baby, as they did with DD.  the local folks all came by to meet DD within a month or so, just for a quick chat and to squee at her... this time they seem happy to never see DS!  Seriously, these people are all retired or don't work and live within 20 minutes.  Sad!  But it also kinda sucks that all the gifts last time were insanely girly (despite our preferences for not) and most have DD's name on them.  So yeah we don't nNEED anything but it still makes me sad that DD will have this great memory box with cards and special blankets with her name and birthdate on it and engraved baby cups and all that kind of thing, and nothing of the sort for DS.  Oh well! My poor second child, lol.  Hopefully he won't care but I worry abotu sibling feelings, especially if we have another girl someday, because I know I tended to compare myself more to my sister since we as girls had a lot of the same stuff and maybe this is sexist but I know I cared way more about that sort of baby stuff than my brother ever did :)

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