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Yamillee- I'm so sorry for your loss- how tragic.  This must be an incredibly difficult time for you.  I do hope you get some chance to bond with your baby emotionally and mentally, even if other unecessary things get ignored.


I don't really do much preparing in the way of baby-focused stuff until the last month.  That's when I wash clothes, sort diapers, set up changing station and bassinet.  I also prepare food, and clean.  Purchases are minimal and focused; we have boy and girl clothing- but I love gender neutral for newborns! I actually hate overly gendered clothes for infants- stupid baseball things or jeans for boys, and gross decorative things for girls.  While I can't resist a sweet pattern on a sleeper (either boyish or flowery) I really enjoy preserving the 'baby-ness' of the baby- which is largely ungendered for me.  And even then...I'm pretty loose with my gender-specifications...we have a rule in our house: colours are for everyone ;) 


Anyway- these are the months that I focus on lifestyle changes- cleaning, organizing, renovating to make our house more efficient, and easier to manage.  I also spend time preparing so I can take extra time to relax and focus after the baby- I work hard with my responsibilities now to rest later.  Also, I do serious self-preperation and bonding.  I begin new, or start to honour old rituals, take time for my health, and do lots of reading.  Pregnancy is a very concious, focused time for me- newborns seem to rock my world so I do everything I can to prepare. 

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I've done nothing either.  Besides buying a few baby clothes on clearance.  This baby is a surprise and I already have one of each so I'll wash the newborn clothes for both.  Baby will sleep with us but I will put a pack and play or bassinet in our room.  I bought a new glider which is still in the box... I feel like April is still so far away.  We have to put away Christmas stuff and get past DD's 2nd birthday before I can think about baby arriving.

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I cleaned my bedroom today in preparation of moving the bassinet in there.  I need to get a couple of cute baskets to help store things on the shelf in the closet.  I told my DH that I want a boppy for my birthday in February.


And that's the extent.

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I haven't done much yet either. Some baby clothes I gathered from my baby crazy pre-prego days, but that's it. I feel like I can't do anything until February. My husband is in an internship program and won't find out where he's going until then even though it starts in March!!! Anyhow, I don't know where we'll be living so I don't know what we'll have room for... plus, with plans to breastfeed and co-sleep there is less to buy... can't get excited over toys because they're all cheap and plastic... also, no chain stores in our town so nowhere to shop. But you're not alone!!!! I'm glad I still have 3 months or else I'd be trying to diaper with dish cloths! ROTFLMAO.gif


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Well...I have my provider and all that set.  And we are pretty set with name options.  We have a crib. Not set up- its in pieces.  Other than that nothing.  No point doing anything as long as the room is in chaos. Plus, I freak out everytime I think about the actual baby being here.  No furniture to keep any baby stuff in.  and when we were looking I got super overwhelmed.   I hope once we get the organizing part done the rest will fall into place easier.  I hope. We are planning on doing some organizing Sunday.  Hope that works out for us!! 

you can put me in the indecisive overwhelmed lot, that is just me by nature and when pregnant it is just so much worse. I did finally decide that yes we will use ds's old dresser and get ds a new dresser so the baby can use his, but then i have to make decisions on the carseat. Ds' infant seat is unusable because i saw rust on a metal piece. I have 1 convertible that is brand new i bought 1 year back, but was told it is not good for infants, and i also have an infant seat that was given to us that was said to be new but i am leary to use it just because i didn't purchase it or don't know the full history, although the fabric still smells new, it is set to expire december 2011, so I just don't know what to do, so i just went ahead and added an infant seat to my registry and decided dh is just going to have to deal with it, i really want a new infant seat for the baby. See how stressed this post is sounding already, lol!


I have to get a new crib, and decided i really would like a changing table with wheels so add that to my list of stuff i still need to decide on.


I do have stuff left from ds, and feel comfortable using his used bouncer, bassinett etc, stroller now that i have had it repaired, but the crib and the carseats are the things i stress on and the breastpumps.


But I do have the diapering situation done thank goodness, well just about, and that is one less thing to focus on, of course money is always an issue, I would love to just have 1000$ to get whatever else i need right now, but instead i have to shop around for bargains and space it out between now and when the baby is born.

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I can relate to the life events getting in the way this time. My grandmother's passing the week of Thanksgiving stopped baby thoughts for a while and I feel stalled with knowing that we're moving to a new job in the next couple weeks. I have been seeing a primary OB so far but have talked to a midwife about the delivery. I just haven't set up an appt yet because she is in the town we will be in soon and well we aren't there yet. I need to get on things with that though.  We did finally pick out baby names though! I feel so much better now that we have names. I don't mind that we don't know the gender and am kind of glad it'll be a surprise but I was stressing about not knowing the sex and not even having a guess on names. I think maybe I wasn't feeling bonded enough to the baby just yet. We finally hit names that just felt 'right' to me and I feel much more baby minded now even though we're still stalling on some things. I have started some baby crafts though and started working on a list of baby things we need. I won't start buying for a while yet but I feel better just knowing what I want/need to get. After making my list (I think I can still minimize it a bit more though) we do have some things and I don't feel as stressed now. We won't be going baby crazy and won't buy stuff but what we need for the first couple of months anyhow. I will feel better though once we get moved and *hopefully* get a new camper but we really NEED the space. This one isn't even ours ( on loan from the inlaws) so  I feel a little trapped by that too. I'll be happier with my own 'home' and can set up for baby the way I want. I think I'm just gonna work on some little baby crafts for now and just chill until we get moved and a new place. I'm just soooo glad we at least have names now!!!! (PS I can't figure out how to work the new reply box to format with space between paragraphs and such and it's driving me nuts so please excuse the long mess of words here)

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I haven't done much to prepare yet, either. Before Christmas, it just felt too premature, and my husband is superstitious, so he doesn't want to buy the big items until the very end for fear of jinxing things. I'm not too worried--babies are tiny and can't get into things, so I feel like as long as I have a carseat and a bed for it, and some diapers and clothes, we'll be fine to start out. We still have over three months to go--plenty of time!

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