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Tubal reversal

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Was wondering if anybody had any info on having a tubal litigation reversed?

Had mine done at age 25 after having my youngest. I am regretting my decision badly. I realize now that I was much to young to have made that decision and also that the main reason that i made it was because I didn't want to have anymore children with my ex.

Now at 38, I find myself divorced, dating a man 5 years younger then myself and with no kid's of his own. I have also realized that I would love to have another child well before I left my ex. Some people say I am crazy as my daughter's are 19 and 13. And some say I am empty-nesting as my oldest is now on her own.

I say that I have loved every single step in my childrens lives. They have brought a joy and peace to my life that for many years I was unable to find anywhere else. There have been momments in my life where I felt that all was lost. Then I held one of my girl's and everything made sense again.

It is something that I have been thinking about for the last few years. It isn't a whim. It isn't the baby blues. I know what a having children has brought to my life. And I know what I can give to a child. I realize that I have other options besides have a child by birth but I would love to experience the whole process again.

Has anyone had a similiar experience? Does anyone have any info on the process of having a tubal reversed?

Any help would be great!

Love and Peace


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I just had my tubal reversed December 27th, and I am SO happy with the decision!  I only had mine for 4 years- but knew immediately after I got it that it was a terrible decision.  I ovulated only days after the procedure and felt for the first time like my body was back to normal again.  Plus the reality of just knowing that you CAN conceive makes you feel...different, I guess.  Like a weight lifted.  We cant TTC yet- not for 3 months after surgery.


I really suggest making a consult with a local fertility doc.  There's a lot to consider- what procedure you had done, age, weight, partners age and sperm count, etc.   All these things effect whether they will recommend you have the reversal or get In-vitro.

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My SO and I have just decided to have my tubal reversed, soon, I hope. I had my tubal over seven years ago, I was single when my last children were born and I was fairly certain I would not be having any more children. I guess I was wrong. My SO and I have been together almost four years and we realized that the one thing we are missing in our already happy family is a baby together.


I am just in the beginning stages of planning it myself. I know that the type of reversal, as Dashley111 said, has a big impact on the success of the reversal.


Dashley111, what type of surgery did you have, if you don't mind my asking? Was it laparoscopic or a larger incision?




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It was laparoscopic- but after surgery my incisions was actually much larger than I thought it would be.  It was about 5 inches, but has shrunk down to about 3.  Good luck on your reversal! 

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Thanks so much dashley111 redface.gif

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I had mine reversed this past March @ Chapel HIll. It was the best decision i have ever made!! and BEST spent 6 grand ever!!!

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Hi Meg, My story is almost exact to yours. I had mine ringed when i was 24. i had already 2 children but wanted no more with the man i was with. After our separation, i met a great man (my husband now). Hes a few years older than me. we discussed getting my tubes reversed in 2007 but we ended up buying a house instead. we discussed it quite a few times but in April 2011 i said its now or never. I'm 38 yrs old, my current children are aged 20 and 17 and i went and had my tubes reversed. We are very excited at what the future may bring us.




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hi, i was just looking through the posts- i had a TR in May and no luck yet, I just turned 40 ;-( and like you have older kids and a new partner.  Have you had any luck yet? Have you had an HSG?


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ihi i just had tubal reversal 3/26/12 i am 43 i remarried he his 55 yrs he wont kids my revseal i had in mexico i paid $ 2,750 in mexicali mexico  so now i readt to get pergnant dont give up on your dream   good luck  

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I had my tubal reversal done in mexicalli mexico also in march.not pregnant yet.but i hope soon.


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I had my tubal done after my son was born I was 23. The moment I woke up I knew I made the wrong decision. 5 years later my husband and I were in such a better situation and we started looking into reversal and ivf. We decide to go the ivf route. After consulting with fertility doctors ivf was a better option for us. The cost was about the same with minimal recovery time and less complications. We have a healthy baby girl and fingers crossed we will adding another one or two the family. We just did an FET about 8 days ago.
It took me an entire year to make this decision. I wish you luck in your decision... Sending happy baby thoughts your way smile.gif
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Hello all!!! I am having my reversal done on Feb 22nd by large incision. He said it would be between 4-6in. I am really nervous and scared about it; guess its not knowing what to expect. Can anyone give me advice on what to expect after this????? confused.gif

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That is how mine was done also. The recovery is different for everyone- I know women who felt recovered in days, but for me personally it took a week. I took pain killers around the clock, and was able to stay in top of the pain but I was completely useless for 5 days- couldn't do a thing. One thing I was not prepared for was the bloating and gas build up, it caused me to have shoulder and abdominal pain pretty bad.

The actual surgery is just an hour or two, and waking up and getting around afterwards to get home is not too bad. Just stay on top of your pain meds, and you will be fine smile.gif

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Awesome.. Thanks for the relief dashley11!!! This is def going to be an experience. Also if you don't mind me asking; there are so many different MD opinions out there. Mine said I could start trying to conceive after 4 weeks. I'm thinking that may be a little to soon, but that also may be me just stressing. What do you think?

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Honestly? I was part of a support group for tubal reversals before/during/after my surgery. I saw a lot of girls try right away or after 4 weeks, and their miscarriage rate and tubal pregnancy rate was really high. My doc recommended waiting 3 months. Out of the 30 ladies in the group, I was the only one who got pregnant my first cycle trying (3 months 2 weeks post surgery) and had a successful pregnancy. I was SO glad I waited! I know that at 4 weeks I was still sore and not completely healed. I can't imagine it's safe putting a growing being into an unhealed body. That is just my 2 cents.
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That's what I thought too, but i'm a worry wort lol. I guess that's why the good lord gave us instincts. I believe were going to go with my gut and your opinion.. Thanks for talking with me dashley111. You have been helpful. It's good to talk to someone who has experienced this already... thumbsup.gif 

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Absolutely! Any time. Feel free to pm me also. Good luck! Hope yours is as successful as mine smile.gif
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Originally Posted by yoliev View Post

I had my tubal reversal done in mexicalli mexico also in march.not pregnant yet.but i hope soon.
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Hi Yoliev.
I was just wondering where you went
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I am 39 years old and February 21, 2013 will be getting my tubal reversal.  Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal center even has a payment plan available. please look them up on face book, Google them by the link I provided above.

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