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Zumba Dance anyone doing this?

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I went to my first Zumba dance class Monday and it didnt go to well for me. I actually just stood there in shock for the first minute trying to get my brain to understand the moves. There was no instruction to start out. The class has been going now for over a year and all but 2 of us had been going the whole time so they knew the routines. I tried my hardest but still by the end of the class I wasnt able to get the steps greensad.gif I have decided to give myself a month to try and learn the routines if I cant get it then I will stop going. I go back tonight and I am nervous.

I was wondering is this typical of Zumba dance that they just through you into things without giving instruction or is this not typical? I really need to be more active since I have been stuck at this same weight now for almost 2 months and no matter what I do with my diet I am not loosing any more and I have 33 pds left to go still.
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I love Zumba! Keep going! Some teachers are better than others, can you go to a different time where maybe there is a better instructor? If not, hang in there, and do not feel bad at all that you don't know the moves. Just keep moving, and eventually you'll get it. It took my friends and I about a month to catch on. Remember to have fun and keep moving. Good Luck!


Oh, and try not to be nervous. Remember, it was everyone's first time once, we've all been there.

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This is the only class available around here and she is the only instructor but she is very nice. I talked to her before class (she was surprised I came back) and she assured me I would get the hang of it eventually and it did go much better tonight. I was about to be calm and not shut down like I did last time. I was going to talk to her after but stupid me didnt eat much before going and I was all dizzy and headachey so I just left.

I hope I can make it work because I desperately need the activity and to get the weight coming off again.
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I think if you enjoy dancing, you'll like it. Give yourself time, and keep going. Have fun with it!

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Give it two months, not one month, before you decide.  It is true that there is a variation among instructors.  However, it's the same for all instructors in that the first few times (okay, the first ten) I went, I feel like a complete idiot.  I am a total klutz, so I am very slow in figuring out the movements.  Just keep in mind that the idea is not necessarily for you to move gracefully exactly like the instructor in a precision dance team pattern, even if the rest of the class looks amazing.  The idea is for you to move your body and enjoy the wonderful music and rhythm.  So as long as you are moving somehow, and not actually crashing into other people, then you are doing great.  The beautiful movements will come later as you get the hang of it.  Oh, and the most important part of the class is to really wiggle your hips!  (Or as they say, shake your bootie!)  That's what sets Zumba class apart from other dance-style aerobics classes.  Oh, and instead of trying to keep an eye on what the instructor was doing, which is not easy to do depending on where in the room you are located, I would concentrate on watching another student that looked like she exactly what she was doing. 

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What emilysmama said!  I love zumba, but it really does take some time to get your body to understand the moves, and the rhythms.  Latin music often has the moves starting on the off beat.  It can be difficult to get the timing right on it.  I also think watching someone near you really helps.  I always had to be in the same spot for every class!

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Can you rent a Zumba video from your local library? Or watch videos on YouTube or Netflix? (I don't know if Netflix has any, but they have different exercise videos) They may not be the exact same routine you are doing at the class but maybe the moves will be similar enough that you can get a little practice in before the next class.

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Now I'm nervous.  I'll be in the same spot next week.  I'm joining a gym and the people told me I really HAVE to try the Zumba class, that everyone loves it.  I have two left feet so I'm worried about it. 

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I wont lie it was bad for me the first class but the second class I felt like I did a lot better still awkward but better. I havnt been back since because of the weather canceling class but I hope to go back tomorrow night and I hope I improve yet again.

I did look online but the steps they are using in this class are not the same as the ones online. They are similar but modified. The coach is a choreographer so she has done a lot of changes.

My advice is to give yourself time that is what I am going to do and if in a month I am still staggering around I am going to call it quits. No one paid any attention to me though that was nice though I felt like everyone should be looking I was doing so horribly.
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I wouldn't worry about doing the exact steps.  Approximations are good :).  I am an exercise physiologist/personal training and run a lot of classes.  Zumba is so widely popular (it's not uncommon for us to have 100 people in an evening class and 40ish in an afternoon class at our rec center) that everyone is just moving and having fun.  No one is paying attention to see if you are doing the correct steps.  Give yourself a pat on the back for exercising!

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I thought that doing the right steps was a good thing since each step exercises a different part of the body. For me I need help with my tummy and a lot of the steps are designed to work that area. Unfortunately I cant get the right movement down yet to do it lol.gif I am trying and will keep trying but I just dont know how things are going to go.
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It is eventually.  I guess what I am saying is be kind to yourself and it will come.....

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Ah gotcha. Yeah I was really hard on myself after that first class. I wasnt going to go back but during the drive home I talked to myself about how no one, well almost no one could go into a class like that and start doing the steps with no problems when they have never done any thing like that before and by the time I got home I promised myself I would give it at least a month though now I am going to have to go with 2 months since I might not get to go but once a week and some weeks not at all. $ is just to tight right now.
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I am doing it and I love it!  The dances are not always easy, but, if I'm gonna exercise, I'd rather be dancing!

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I am truly sorry to hear that your first Zumba experience was not the greatest.  I am a Zumba Instructor in Utah and I do think that the instructor makes a lot of difference, especially when it comes to new students.  Often times they get used to having a class full of students whom I call my "front row divas" whom if I broke a hip would be more than happy to take over instructing my classes for me.  NOW...as a Zumba instructor and Group Fitness Instructor (I do teach more than Zumba), I break my class down.  I am very good about stopping for new songs to break out the difficult portions.  I also like to start my class of with simple routines to warm the body up and teach new students the basic salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton moves within the first few songs so they feel comforable.  I also break the moves apart so the novice can do the full moves, but those starting will see me doing only the feet and then add the arms.  So...I would say you probably didn't have a very good instructor.  It is a Party...but not a party when you don't feel comfortable in the class.  My advice...just remember when you rode your bike how many times you had to get back on...it took three years before I felt comfortable to teach it.  So give yourself a few classes to fee comfortable doing it!  Zumba ON!  Always here for support!

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Yes I agree the instructor makes all the difference with any type of exercise.

My only problem with Zumba  is the actual training to be an instructor is only one day. And they take almost anyone. A good Zumba instructor hopefully will have some kind of other experience teaching movement, like an aerobics or dance teacher or a personal trainer.


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I had to give zumba up after my second class we just didnt have the money for me to go greensad.gif I think though I would be more comfortable in a pilaties or something similar because I am not sure I can ever be good at dancing like that but I may give it a go again should the money come along.
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I agree, please stay and keep trying! It sounds like the steps/newness factor is what out you out if your comfort zone....but if you like the idea and movements of zumba, it'll just take a little time to get used to it! I dig the dance factor, and the more I go, I start forging those friendships that put me in a better comfort zone!
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