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Caught a poo!

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So, I'm a recent convert to ec.  Just started trying this week.  Baby and I were in the bath tonight and I realized she was going to go, sat her on the pot, and she went!  I'm a total believer in the baby giving a sign that she's going to go, but man, she is lightning fast.  It might require me sprinting down the hall while ripping off her clothes - maybe not quite what to go for.  And I have no clue about when she pees.  Anybody else doing this and having any luck?  I hope I (she) can keep it up! thumb.gif

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I haven't every tried it but was watching her concentrate before a BM the other day and was thinking about it. I'm not sure I'd have a chance to get her there, either! Not to mention the clothing/diaper issue. I suppose a lot of EC'd babies stay naked more of the time (long shirts and babylegs, perhaps?) and the mamas just change out blankets/bedpads instead of diapers if there are misses.

You might check out the EC forum, though (in Diapering). There are definitely lots of experienced mamas there! thumb.gif
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We're still doing it :)


Chances are it will get easier with time. You'll start figuring out earlier signals, and she'll start holding it until you get to the right place. Just like breastfeeding, it's something you both have to get the hang of.


To be honest, we go through a lot of pee diapers here. I catch a lot of pees, but not nearly all of them, and many of the ones I do catch are because she has to poop, too. Someday I need to take the time to have her in just a cloth diaper or naked, and see if there's some signal I'm not seeing. I catch probably 90% of poops though, and the ones I don't are rarely very big - like a little bit gets out, but she's able to hold the rest till I get her to the potty.


(This is still infinitely preferable to plain old cloth diapering IMO. I've gone from a load of diapers every 1-2 days to washing pee diapers with normal laundry and poopy diapers every 3-4 days, and significantly less cover/clothing changes for baby due to leaks.)


This is the opposite of with DS - I caught most of his pees, but never got very good at poops. I guess it all just depends on the kid.


For clothing, I use long-sleeve onesies (with one of those light cotton shirts/jackets over the top if I feel it's necessary) or romper/footless pajamas left unsnapped at the bottom. Easy to access the diaper, and easy to just snap it up if we're going out or she otherwise needs to be presentable. Gowns and dresses tend to be good, too. If I feel her legs need to be warmer, I put on homemade babylegs (aka. long socks with the foot chopped off), socks, and/or booties.


One thing you can do is have a potty (either an actual potty, or a repurposed bucket or mixing bowl or whatever works) that you can take with you from room to room. That way you can skip the running down the hall part. I don't do this, but maybe I'd be catching more pees if I did!

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I can't believe that I'm actually finding this fun.  Maybe that's not the right word, but I am strangely excited.  She was actually dry overnight and I caught a pee and poo first thing this morning.  Really cool.  It's certainly a lot more fun than potty-training the 3 yo boy I watch....especially after changing today's poopy diaper.  I told my husband that I was going to do this and he started to laugh, and then he says oh wait - that means saving money (we do sposies) and he jumped right on board!

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I agree, it's fun. It's satisfying to work together with a tiny baby like that, exciting to see them doing something that most western people claim is totally impossible, and rewarding to save on diapers.


DS, who I did EC with, was dry through the night about 75% by 4 months, and wet the bed only under unusual circumstances (traveling, illness) by about a year. DD1, who didn't EC, wasn't dry through the night until 3. Eira seems to be following in DS's footsteps - her diaper isn't dry in the morning, but it seems like there's only one relatively recent pee in there most of the time, so I suspect she's staying dry through the night and peeing before I give in and drag us out of bed for the potty. I'm using disposables at night, but really only because we don't go out often, and I'm afraid she'll grow out of the size 1's before we get through half the pack if I don't use them at night. Anyways, I do think there's a connection between EC and staying dry at night.

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