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Wonderful news about my family!

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We kept all our sons intact, but never really discussed it with my husband's parents.  He is one of five boys, all circumcised.  Brothers 3 and 4 know about circumcision from me and are against it.


Yesterday I posted a video of a circumcision on my FB profile, with an apology to those who didn't know what really happened.  My MIL saw it and freaked out.  She never knew what really happened and was horrified.  Today she sent an email apologizing to all her sons and asking them to not do it to any children they have (so far we have the only grandkids.)  She even is going with us to Washington DC for the protest in March!  I feel terrible at the pain she is feeling now, but I hope that with her support, the other sons will not do it to their future kids.

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Wow, this brings tears to my eyes! What a wonderful mother, able to admit her mistake and offer a heartfelt apology to her sons. No doubt about it, she did what she believed to be best for them at the time, and it takes a big person to admit that she (they) was (were) wrong.


What a great day for your family!!


I feel somewhat the same way, as I have converted both my SILs to intactivists, and I believe that any future boys in the family will all be intact. I think we have successfully ended circ in my husband's side of the family. (My own sister, on the other hand, is another can of worms entirely ... despite us having an intact father who has never had ANY issues, she let her husband take both of their sons for circ at 10 days old...so she actually STARTED a family "tradition" of circ in a family that had none previously. Sigh.)


BTW, which video did you post? Obviously it was very effective! I would love to have that link.

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the one from peaceful parenting.  she didn't make it past the numbing shot.

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What an amazing story! An intactivist is born. I'm really touched by the fact that she was humble and appologetic rather than defensive... and the fact that she appologized even though it truly was not her fault- that she took that step is sooo amazing and kind.  I am hoping that we can make it to Washington this spring and if I do, I hope I can give her (and you) a big hug.

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It is good news about your MIL, but also heart breaking.

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