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Post Nasal Drip Relief?

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Anyone have an experience during their first trimester with post nasal drip?  I am miserable.  The mucous is so thick that it keeps making me gag and almost vomit.  I desperately want to take Mucinex but it's not on my doctor's approved list.  I want to try to avoid meds but I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight without something.  Sudafed definitely changes my blood pressure/heartbeat so that's out.  I took one dose of that and realized it wasn't the best idea.  I was thinking benadryl might help and it seems like a lot of people online have said they've taken that in their first trimester.  I know those neti pots are supposed to be helpful but I don't do well with those.  


Any suggestions or reassurances?  This is such a miserable cold.  Not to mention the havoc it is playing on my stomach.  

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I didn't think I would do well with a neti pot, but once I got the right kind it made ALL the difference. I've always hated water up my nose, but when I tried my new neti pot it so soothing (I use a water/salt mixture that sits on the counter until the salt fully dissolves, plus warm warm water). You might give it another try, after thoroughly blowing your nose.


Totally gross, but I feel like I get more mucous out when I don't use a tissue - like I stand over the sink and press one nostril while blowing hard. Then repeat for the other side. After that I gargle some warm salt water, and use the neti pot. Totally clears me out!


I hope you feel better soon!!

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I have a "cold" which I am pretty sure is pregnancy-related.  I've also been sneezing for 5 days.  It's not a typical cold pattern for me.


Anyway, I like using a saline spray.  I hold one nostil, spray it up there, repeat on the other side.  Wait a minute, then blow.  It definitely helps clear things up!

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