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Is it possible to safely side car a crib?

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HI there,


My 5 month old is quickly outgrowing his co-sleeper and I planned on side-carring his crib, but I'm worried that this isn't a safe option once he becomes mobile. DS wakes up multiple times throughout the night, so simply putting his crib in our room is not an option, as this would entail me getting out of bed several times a night and effectively rendering my sleep worse that it was when he was a newborn. I'd rather not dismantle my bed and put it on the floor, but that's seeming like the only option at this point.


Ideally I'd have his crib sidecarred to our bed and have a temporary, easily-removed, yet sturdy fourth wall to put up in between our mattresses for naps and when we put him to bed before we come to bed ourselves. Basically, what I want to know is:


Are there any options or ideas for a temporary fourth wall so that we may side-car our crib safely?


I'd love to have our mattresses open to one another at night, but have his crib enclosed while he is alone in the room.


Thanks so much for your input!

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Loooooooooove our sidecar! We use a video camera for naps. We are easily able to resettle her or get her out of bed before she reaches the edge. We started teaching her early how to climb off the bed safely just in case and now (11mo) I mostly trust her to get down by herself without risking injury in the small chance I can't get there is time.

We also have a mattress on the floor on the play/guest room that she often naps on. She can get off easily and the room is fully safe, which our bedroom is not always.

We also had a pack n play in our room for awhile but decided the space was more valuable than having a 4-sided crib just for naps.
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We've side car-ed for all my DD life. She went from our bed into the 3 sided crib when she started to roll around in our bed too much. We've just always used a body pillow on the transition between our bed and the crib. Our 28 mo old has always stayed put in her bed.

I've found she doesn't roll around much during naps and at night if she flung too many arms or legs in my space at night I just move her back over.

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We love it too! Our ds has severe reflux and has to sleep on an incline. Having a sidecar was the best way for us to be able to Cosleep. We purchased a crib that converts to a toddler day bed so we could just leave one side off. Since we have hardwood floors we bought a no skid mat (like you would use under a rug) and cut it up to put under each of the crib feet--helps keep it in place.

Now I'm trying to convince dh that we should put our mattresses on the floor so ds can climb in and out like a big boy. 


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