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bedtime prayers

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I want to start incorporating a bedtime prayer into our routine....


we are interfaith (DH Christian, I'm UU with earth based leanings... I believe in the Goddess).  I don't really want to do a version of "Now I lay me..." or "Angel of God..."  I would like something that is fairly non-specific when it comes to language about god/dess because I want it to be something that both DH and I are comfortable saying with DS...


So we are on a hunt for a sweet bedtime prayer/poem to say together as a family.


I'd like to hear what you use, even if it does have specific language (I can always rephrase a little to fit our needs).

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DD is three years old.  We just say a lot of thank you for....She says Lord Jesus, thank you for momma and dadda, thank you for the sky, thank you for my toys, thank you for the ceiling...lol  It's really sweet.  I take a turn and then she takes a turn.  I just want her to have a thankful heart at this age.

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Well, I'm agnostic with pagan leanings. Kids do seem to crave ritual and tradition, especially when they are little.


At bedtime, I made a circle with my hands over my child head and said this..


Magic circle,

safe and sound

Till the morning

sun comes round.


The kid loved it and found it very peaceful.

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