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Resume help please

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I am applying to grad school and have just dug up my resume, which does not have anything on it after 2003. I have been a SAHM since 2005 so what is the consensus out there on putting something to that effect on there or leaving it off? The application package does have an essay in which I can mention that but I have to keep it short and it doesn't seem to fit into the criteria of what they were asking me to write about. Also, are there any great resume websites out there?

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I'm not sure what the industry standard is for putting on or leaving off SAHM experience on a resume, but I think it would really depend on the field.  And on a grad school application, I see no reason why you wouldn't explain the employment gap on your resume in some way...so I think mentioning it is fine.

Several years ago I found a really great website re. writing cover letters, but I think I found it just by searching google. (Not sure I would recognize the site anyway, so I didn't search for it again.)

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What are you going to grad school for? Most grad school programs would want a CV, not a resume, I think...


Definitely don't put SAHM on your resume. A resume is for things like paid employment and volunteer work and education, not family responsibilities. If your application doesn't have a place for a cover letter, often there's a question about any special circumstances that you want to mention. If not, work it into your essay briefly, like, "After devoting the past 5 years to family responsibilities, I am now eager to move on to the next phase of my life by attending Your Graduate Program." You might consider a resume organized by skills rather than chronologically,

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Do you have a Job Service agency in your state?  They have people you can set up appointments with for free and they look over resumes.  If you just tell them you are looking for work they should be able to help you make a nice resume that will work for either work or grad school.  If you are close to the university you graduated from and they have a career center they should also have people there who help you put your resume together for grad schools or work.  My university's career center lets people e-mail resumes to get advice also.  I really suggest getting a professional to look over it.  I did that with my resume and it is a really incredible resume with wording that never occurred to me when I wrote my rough draft and brought it in.. 

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Thanks guys. I am applying to grad school for fashion design! Wish me luck/good vibes.

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Thanks guys. I am applying to grad school for fashion design! Wish me luck/good vibes.

Well in that case, any design work you have done (yes, even as a SAHM) needs to be on the resume.  So, if you designed kitting patterns for clothing for your children, that counts.  If you made sewing patterns for your childrens, friends, family's clothing, that counts.  If you sold anything on Etsy or anywhere else either, that goes on there.

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