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Just thought I'd see what everyone else thinks...

Is there anything else you'd do? Or do differently?

I am 41, a little overweight. (Working on that) We have been TTC #3 for 4 1/2 years now. Dx with cervical cancer about 4 years ago, finally rid of it with a cone biopsy. Not too much cervix left. :( It stenosed down so badly it caused major backflow and abdominal endo. Had surgery to remove it in September 2010. RE who did the sx said he got everything. (Do they really know that?)

Told us to try again on our own for a few months, then we'll talk again.


I take vitex to regulate my cycles. I am ovulating, and I usually o on day 17, then have about 30 day cycles. Every once in a while, one will seem to be anovulatory and it goes longer.
We use preseed to help with the lack of cm (due to perviously mentioned surgery), and periodically take guif. (However you spell it) around the time of o also. Keep the hips up afterward. :)


Any suggestions? Please?