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Life changes

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My family and I are undergoing a lot of (positive!) transitions right now. With all of the changes, I am feeling very unclear about my midwifery career. So my question for you, Jamie, is this--Do you see me continuing to be a midwife in Colorado or am I going to shift into another career/role with this move?


Thank you for sharing your gift. stillheart.gif

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Dear Earthy Birthy

I LOOOOVE your avatar. I took a closer look and that is one amazingly painted pregnant belly. It's beautiful! Is it yours (your belly or your art)?  Simply amazing.

I also love your name!



You are obviously a woman of many talents, passions and gifts. That will never end for you. But here's the deal with midwifery. I do see you finishing your midwifery education. Just don't assume that means that is what you will be when you grow up. You will never, ever, only be/do one thing. You wouldn't know how to maintain that kind of lifestyle even if someone told you that you had to. Too boring and vanilla for you.

You will become a midwife and it will be something you always have available to you. I just don't think you will do it forever and ever as a career. But go with it. You are good at it. You will do it for as long as is right for you. And then you will do other things eventually, but birthwork will always be there too, even if not on the forefront.


And thank YOU for sharing YOUR gift(s)!

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Thank you so much, Jamie. The belly belongs to me. It was painted at an Earth Day festival a few years ago by the most talented body artist I have ever seen. She did that in about 15-20 minutes without even looking at a map. I just wish I had better pictures!


I have actually been a CPM for almost seven years now. As a midwife though, I feel like I will always be learning and evolving and helping to convince women to trust in their own bodies and abilities. I feel especially strongly about assisting UC birthing families since my fifth and most empowering birth was unassisted. As far as classroom education goes, I have been considering taking some classes for something non-midwifery related. I have so many interests that I just feel like how will I ever have time to be a midwife if I follow all of these other paths?? I know that it will all work itself out. Your reading really confirmed everything that my own guides have told me though. Perhaps I just needed to hear it from someone outside of my direct spiritual circle. Sheepish.gif


Thank you again, Jamie. Namaste.

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