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We had our baby!!!

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Andrew Theodore arrived on Wed Jan 5, 2011 at 8:00 am by C-section.  He was 6 pounds 7 oz and 18 inches long.  He was 34 weeks and 5 days and is in the NICU still but is doing well.  I was lucky enough to be up to a wheelchair by 11am and walked on my own to the NICU within 6 hours of him being born.  We are all tired and anxious for him to come home. 

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Our first baby of the ddc! Congrats! I hope his stay in the nicu is short and he is home in your arms soon!

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Congrats!  Welcome baby smile.gif

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Welcome Andrew and congrats mama!  I hope things continue to go well and that you are both getting some rest.grouphug.gif

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Congratulations!!!! hoping for a speedy recovery for you and short stay for Andrew!

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Congrats! Welcome Andrew. Many wishes for a speedy recovery for you both. <3

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I was just thinking how I can't believe nobody in our DDC has had their baby yet..... and then I saw your post! Congratulations mama. I hope your son is home with you soon.

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I was recently thinking that too! Congratulations & hope you are all doing well!

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Congratulations!!  I hope you're both doing well and he'll be able to come home soon!   How exciting!!

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Holy Smokes. Congrats. I will send homecoming thoughts!
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Grats mama!

That's a great weight for a 34 weeker! I hope he's home with you soon.

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Congrats! I wish you a speedy recovery and a gentle NICU experience for Andrew.

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Congratulations!!  Wishing you and your lo a speedy recovery and quick return home!

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I hope you have a quick and gentle NICU experience and he can come home with you all soon.

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Congrats mama, hope you're both home soon!

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I've been anxiously awaiting our first DDC birth!!   Congratulations and welcome baby Andrew!

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Welcome Andrew!  Congratulations, and I hope he is able to come home very soon.

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Welcome Earthside, Andrew Theodore!  Congratulations on your new son, Mama!


I don't know if you've been over there yet, but the MDC NICU and Preemie Parenting boards were really, really helpful to me during our NICU stay.  I hope (and totally expect!) you'll have a short, uneventful stay and both be home really soon.  Please keep us updated when you can!

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Congratulations. Hope you both have a speedy recovery and get to head home soon!

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Congratulations! Hope Andrew's NICU stay is short and you are home with him soon!

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