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Rescue Remedy?

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I have heard quite a bit about this. Women taking it during labor and I just read a post about giving a couple of drops to a sick child to get a good nights rest. What is this stuff? I am 35 weeks and getting ready to buy my homebirth supplies, is this something I should have on hand? What is your experience with it?
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I never used it for birthing, but it is a necessity around the house in my opinion. I've used it for acute, stressful situations (bee-stings, injuries, anxiety, any acute problem) for both myself and my kids. The effect on kids is miraculous - almost instantaneous calming and ability to focus. I can see where it may be helpful for labor! While moving last year I went through a lot of it!
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I'll just add that Rescue Remedy is a combination of several flower essences. It comes in 2 forms- liquid which is made with alcohol and creme.
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I've found it to be helpful at births if something happens out of the ordinary, either too fast of a labor or something like needing to transport, etc. It's good for when everyone is on edge and feeling so tense that they can no longer think straight. I give, or suggest, that everyone involved take a dose so the vibe of the room and come down a few notches. I used it myself too during my labor (exactly one year ago today) and it was a great help, to me, my dh and my doula.
I also keep a bottle in nearly every room in my house for nightmares, injurys, freak-out crying fits, etc. I used some in Target yesterday when ds totally lost control and started to have a fit for no reason, I just wanted to get my center before I rushed out of the store.
I think it's a miracle!
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