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Hey guys!  I've been hairy for about 6 months now.  After DS2 was born I just never got around to shaving and so I just left it alone.  I was looking for an excuse to give it up, but had been hanging on to it because DH liked it smooth (he makes lots of little sacrifices for me like that, so shaving once a week or so always seemed like a small thing to do for him) Anyway, turns out that he doesn't mind the hair and even kind of likes it, not that there's much.  NONE on my thighs and very little on my calves, and even though it's been months since I shaved my armpits, they still kind of look like stubble.  I guess I'm just not that hairy.  I was kind of hoping for more, lol!

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Yay for being happy and hairy! joy.gif  Wow- you are a naturally 'unhairy' person, lol. I let EVERYTHING grow once DS was born for quite a few months and I too, never had much leg hair at all. Even after months of growth( Maybe its because im Native American? ). Now, i shave everything except my pits. I wish I could let everything grow back as it was in its natural glory, but I feel much more comfortable and 'clean' when I shave elsewhere. It has been about 2 weeks ( i think ) since I stopped shaving my pits again, and I have 2 pretty good little patches going on, Lol. I love my hairy pits. I actually feel sexier with hair there and DH loves it. heartbeat.gif /*OO*\ heartbeat.gif

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I have a bit of Native American heritage, too and my family has always attributed their unhairiness to it, lol.  My dad never could grow a beard.

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I am so glad to find this thread. I stopped shaving for awhile a few years ago because I kept having MRSA outbreaks in my armpits and my doctor thought it might be related to shaving. When I discovered what it really WAS connected to I started shaving again, not sure why now that I think of it.

I haven't shaved in a few months and I'm on the fence about it. I actually like it and I hate shaving so it's definitely a convenience to me to not have to mess with it at all. I do wonder though what kind of reaction I might get once people figure it out, especially at work. I do dress modestly and wear pants or long skirts all the time, but I also live in the desert so come summertime I will be wearing t shirts and not wearing leggings underneath my skirts. It will be obvious as I AM a hairy mama. I'm kind of in a place where I am having an internal struggle about it. On one hand "what will people think?" and on the other hand "who cares? It's not their business anyway!"  Any of you here ever felt that way about not shaving?

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I just read your post and wanted to say ME TOO with the MRSA. I had my first outbreak when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my son. I had NEVER had anything like that in my life and didnt know what MRSA was at the time or how dangerous it was. We belive that my BIL, who was living with us at the time brought it into our home. He is a pro wrestler and trains alot at public gyms. He was the first one to have a huge MRSA boil on his left side. We thought it was a spider bite. I, not knowing how contagoius this stuff was, helped him doctor his wound after it had opened and i think i contracted it then.


I didnt go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with my armpits until 2 weeks after my sons birth, when the boils became so very large and severe I couldnt even put down my arms. None of them came to a head on their own and it felt like I had golf ball sized rocks under my skin. After i found out just what I had, I was placed in the hospital over night for IV antibiotics and sent home the following night with a very strong antibiotic perscription and topical antibiotic cream. I cleaned my house like a mad woman. My newborn son and 3 year old daughter stayed with their GPs. I clean for almost 3 days straight! I never use bleach in my house, but when I discoverd the severity of this illness, I went out an got some to clean with. I trashed EVERYTHING: shower poofs, deoterant, razors- anything that i though may have come into contact with my infection. I had to go back a few weeks later to have 5 of them lanced, drained and packed. I had a total of 12 huge boils: 6 under one pit and 6 under the other. It was horrible. I felt like I had the plauge and was deathly afriad of giving it to my kids- especially my breastfeeding newborn.


After that, I stopped shaving for a LONG time. Almost a year. I tried to keep my house as clean and sanitized as possible, but BIL made that very hard- which was a MAJOR issue with us because he wouldnt take all of his antibiotics and would stay infested with his MRSA outbreaks for very long periods of time, and just not care about the childrens health or ours. His breakouts we're never anywhere near as bad as mine. His all stayed penny size and under. One day, for some reason, I decided to shave my pits. A few days later, I was already breaking out. This was a brand new razor, never before used. After I used it, i through it away so that I could use a new one each time. I also wiped my pits down with rubbing alcohol and washed my entire body in the shower with antibacterial soap each night, even before I had started shaving again.


Luckily, when I started breaking out again, I knew what it was and went to the doctor ASAP and was givin more antibiotics. The boils went away in just a few days since I caught them so early.  This pattern continued for awhile.  Then I had another very bad MRSA scare. BIL, DH and myself all went to a concert a few months later and I hurt my ankle badly.  When we returned to the hotel room, i decided to take a bath to ease the pain. BAD idea. A few days after we returned home a HUGE (way bigger than any other boils I had gotten ) started forming on my right butt cheek. Didnt think it was MRSA because it wasnt on my pits. A few nights later, i woke up with severe chills and dizzyness and discovered a baseball sized lump on my butt. My skin was black and blue because tI had grown in size so fast.  I laid back down and went back to sleep and waited for DH to get home from work with the car so we could go to the ER.


Apparently, when he got home, as he tried to wake me up he felt a huge amount of heat coming off of my body. He said he tried to talk to me and to get me to drink some water, but i was just out of it. I was talking but not making any sense.  He and BIL put me in the car and went the the ER. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks this time.  I had to have local antibiotic shots in that butt cheek for the next 2 months. I was told that I had went into septic shock and had alomost died. My heart rate was very fast- which posed another threat for me because I have MVP.  I had it drained while I was there, of couse, and when I was actually able to see it- I had a HUGE hole in that check. I mean huge. It was packed with gauze and looked horrible. It healed quickly, but I still have a crater sized scar there. Shortly afrter this, we kicked BIL out. He wouldnt take care of himself and kept reinfecting me. I found out while I was in the hospital that I was hypoglycemic and this is why my MRSA returned over and over and was so severe. I havent had any more outbreaks since BIL has moved out.


Anyways, SUPER long story- but now I do not shave. This isnt the main reason for my not shaving my pits anymore-but is up there on the list.


And YES I have felt that way before. But Ive gotten to a point that I honestly, just dont give a crap. I like my hairy pits, because they represent alot to me. Not to mention DH has made me feel even better about it because he thinks theyre sexy ( now THATS love, lol. ) Im a person that has always been a little too concerned with what others think of me. In a way, not shaving has really helped tone that down alot. Now, im loud and proud,lol. I dont care where we are, or who can see- I lift up my arms and let it show.


Im sure, with time- you will be like that too. Even if your body hair doesnt really represent anything for you. Its your choice. Youre beautiful how you are, in your natural state. People will either respect that, or mock that-but what would it change? YOU know whats best for you and you have no need to justify how you choose to govern your body to anyone. Its your buisness.


Big higs Mama! Hope I helped and sorry this is soo long!

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Wow Huntress Mother, that is super scary. MRSA is awful. I am glad you that are better though. Thanks for the moral support by the way. It does to help that other people have kind of gone through this transition and people in their lives didn't freak out about it.

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Hi, haven't been on here forever and not seeing a 2012 thread but just saw this and thought maybe some of you would be interested in it... http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/ive-never-shaved-my-legs-so-what/

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thanks for sharing!

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I saw your magic submit button!



I'm really surprised that my post was ignored. I guess I'm just not hairy enough to be part of this thread!   greensad.gif  irked.gifbow.gif  truedat.gif  peace.gif


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Mine didn't get replies either. I think this part of the board doesn't get a lot of traffic.


You are clearly hairy in spirit! I'm sure no one meant offense. :hug:


I notice you guys. I haven't gotten on much because mothering decided it didn't like my username/password combination. Tonight, it finally decided to relent and let me in - but old posts are hidden pretty far down the list, so I have to search for ones I haven't seen, that have been updated.


Trekkingirl, I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that submit button. Crazy, isn't it?

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Still just hairy in spirit! I must have been crabby that day. I have chronic pain issues that tend to make me irritable at times. Sorry.

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It's easier for me to be hairy in the relatively cold months of winter.

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As a "treat" for dh I decided to try a hair remover cream for Valentine's Day and be all silky smooth.  I haven't shaved (or done any hair removal) in nearly two years.  I had forgotten how my underarms feel when they are bare.  I hate it!  They kind of chafe.  I guess it's since I don't use traditional chemically deodorant and usually use a salt stick or a baking soda mixture instead.  Oh my goodness, I don't think I will ever do this again.  I had become a bit self conscious about my hair, since it is patchy and has never come in looking like I imagined it would so I was eager to try out being hairless again.  Lesson learned.  God must have given us hair for a reason and I intend to leave it alone from here on out.  Anyone else have any similar experiences?

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I've never gone that long without hair removal. Too trained by society, I think.

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I don't mind shaving, it's the growing back in that bugs me! I like my soft, hairy legs much more than prickly legs! I usually only shave in the summer months, because of "society", I hope this year to be confident enough not to shave. I have reached the point where I feel more like *me* with hair. More womanly even!
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Good for you, owlhowl!  I had gotten to that point for a while, too.  I'm not sure what happened, though.  I just started feeling self conscience about it all of a sudden.  But for a long time I would feel really empowered by being hairy.  I loved embracing it.  We went to the beach a couple of times last summer and I loved being hairy while I was there.  On the other hand, we live around a lot of my family who are all very conservative on such issues and just wouldn't "get it",  so while I haven't necessarily tried to hide that I'm hairy from them I haven't really been too bold with it either.  We have a family pool here and I hated ending up at the pool at the same time as a certain aunt... for one thing she has never really taken to kids at all and mine are rather rowdy, but I dreaded having to have any kind of body hair conversation with her - or worse not to have the conversation and know she was discussing it with other family members behind my back.  I'm fairly certain that has happened anyway, they are just that kind of people.  A few have been brave enough to ask me about my dreadlocks (which they've all agreed they don't like) but no one has mentioned the body hair.  I'm sure they've noticed it though.  We live in Louisiana and I wear a lot of skirts and tank tops.  It's unavoidable.  Sometimes I feel really ridiculous that I can feel so empowered and amazing and beautiful around anyone but my family.  Eh, it's a pretty toxic environment though.  Hopefully we'll be able to move before too long. 

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Family is fun, eh? I can't count how conversations with my mom have started like "I don't mind that you *insert something nonconventional* but could you please start shaving?" Now I respond with a request that my mother stop tanning or dying her hair every 6 weeks orngtongue.gif
It's definitely weird that being hairy, which is prefectly normal, can make people so uncomfortable!
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or being unhairy...........you wouldn't believe how many hair conversations are out there. I still can't face society without my wig on. 

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I bet you are beautiful without your wig smile.gif People can be so mean.
One of my childhood best friends has alopecia, kids would take off her hats and laugh at her. Terrible! Now she has a collection of beautiful wigs, she doesn't go out without them either. Bald is beautiful!! We are all beautiful!! I wish everyone could just be respectful.
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I agree! People are beautiful as they are - hair or no hair. We should not feel pressured or shamed into either shaving or wearing wigs.

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