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Can't find the thread- clicking sound from the womb?

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I searched all the way back to October posts in this community and I couldn't find it, so sorry for the repeat. Lately I've been hearing this very distinct CLICK! sound coming from my belly and I'm wondering if anybody in the last thread had decided/figured out what that was? I've heard it at least eight times today during active baby times, and a few times yesterday. It's so strange!

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I recall hearing that clicking/popping sound towards the end of my 3rd pregnancy. My son ended up being born with a hip joint that popped a bit, but it wasn't a problem according to the pediatrician. He was walking before he was 9 months old. My son is 8 years old now, and his joints don't pop anymore. I don't recall when he actually outgrew it, but it was in infancy.

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How interesting! Searching other threads on MDC has confirmed that in pretty much every DDC someone has heard this sound coming from their belly. There are so many theories- baby popping his joints, smacking on fingers, an air bubble in the fluid from sudden movement, or the movement between the "two bags". I am more confused now than I was before, but at least I know I'm not alone!! eyesroll.gif



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That happened when I was pregnant with DD a number of times and I think I've heard it once or twice with this one. I don't know what it is, but it's weird! Nothing clicks on DD now (or did after birth). I asked my MW last time around and she didn't know what it was but had another client who had mentioned it as well.

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Sorry, didn't realize I was DDCC :).

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No worries Mayfly- any input on this is helping me feel a little more sane. lol.gif

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I haven't heard popping but I swear to God yesterday I heard a little squeaking, like almost a cry or a squeaky coo coming from my stomach. I thought I was really starting to lose it. I think this baby might end up being a singer. My 12 week ultrasound showed her with her mouth side open as if she was singing and I also wake up everyday with a different song, that I haven't necessarily heard in a while, in my head, and now the squeaky cooing.



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Oops! Didn't notice my whole name is on there and my city. Please don't bother to stalk me, I'm not that interesting...haha lol.gif

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Your age, too. winky.gif Don't worry- I could only stalk at a slow waddle anyway.


That is an AWESOME ultrasound pic!!

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I posted about that a while back...I asked my OB about it and all she said was...hmmm, that will be something that we will evaluate after the baby comes. No real answer. I hear it several times per day though. it still weirds me out.
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I'm a little less weirded out now that I know it's not just me, but I still wish there was a more concrete answer on what it WAS. I don't have a midwife appointment for another week yet so I'll ask her then, but I'm half convinced that she, like it sounds like every other doctor/midwife that's been asked about this, has no idea what we're talking about! We'll see!!

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Ha!! I was taking a video of my belly moving around and I got the clicking sound on video!! Proof I'm not crazy. lol.gif


Look-- see? The click is about 5 seconds in as he makes a big move-- you have to turn the volume up a little but it's a very distinct sound, like flicking one fingernail under another one.



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I've had it too, sounds just like yours. I always just figured it was a fast movement that somehow made the fluid slosh or something...

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I guess I am somewhat DDCC I am due the first day of Feb according to periods, and end of Jan according to US so I kind of straddle the line.  Anyway, as far as the clicking noise-  I have heard it a few times too.  I usually hear it after a big movement from baby so I  too think it may be the sloshing of water or something like that.  Seems like it must be pretty normal.  I am not sure I ever noticed it before this pregnancy though and it has only been recently.

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It's just so weird to me that so few people have heard of it- my doula with my first child's birth, who has five children herself, had no idea what I was talking about, nor my midwife and her team of two other women who had been in the practice for 15 years or more, or any other pregnant woman I've asked about it in real life.

I'm sure it's totally normal- I subscribe more to the idea of it being a joint clicking when he moves (it's awfully cramped in there by now I'm sure) or him flicking a finger out of his mouth.

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I just heard this yesterday!  We were lying in bed and all of a sudden there were two quick, but distinct click noises.  I'm glad my dh was there to hear it as well, or I probably would have thought I was imagining it.  Glad to hear other people hear this too!

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