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baby poop & intro to BLW

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We introduced BLW to my little one when she was about 6months old.  We aren't sure how much she actually swallows but she loves picking up all sorts of food and trying it (sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, apples). And just this week she now has her "pincer grasp" mastered! She was eyeballing my rice and I put a few pieces on her tray and she actually carefully and slowly picked up each piece and put it in her mouth..it was neat to watch. :)


Anyway, my question is about poop :)

She use to poop at least 2 times a day and it was runny, yellow and almost orderless type poop (normal exclusively breastfed poop).

But now she will poop once every 2 days and they are thick (like peanut butter maybe?), yellow and super smelly!! lol  I haven't seen any food chunks yet..but the consistency has changed drastically and it sticks to everything..lol


Is this pretty normal when it comes to the introduction to solids in breastfed babies? And at what point did you begin to see small chunks/pieces in baby's poop?


Any information would be helpful.  Thanks! :)

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The poo you describe in both cases sounds normal to me for a breastfed baby. My babe is still exclusively breastfed except for a little yogurt I share with her sometimes. At 3 or 4 months she started pooping only every few days, and as of Christmas, poops twice a day sometimes, and other days not at all, with no real rhyme or reason. The texture fluctuates, as does the odor, which can be REALLY BAD to the point of making me nauseous. So gross.

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That just sounds like normal BF poo.  If she is going a few days longer between poops - it will be more heavily concentrated (thicker! lol) poop!...My guess is that this is because it has been 'there' in the bowel for longer?  Whilst - I know, if DS poops often (We EC so he does because I offer often I think!) - then it comes out thin and watery.  Whilst if he has gone a day or two before doing a poo - it is always thicker! lol 

You will see chunks of food when she actually starts eating it! 

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My baby's 7.5 months and been "eating" (BLW) for about 6 weeks now. Exact same poop story, except I do see little chunks in there. His poop schedule also used to be regular (meaning same time of day) and now it's somewhat irregular. I sometimes worry when a day goes by and he doesn't poo, but from all I've read it is totally normal for babies to go even a few days without pooping. I think the longest he went without was 2 or 3 days.

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Thanks for the responses girls! :)

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