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Quick reintroduction of myself since I dont come here as often as I used to when my children were younger. Ive been a member for over 10 yrs....active in diff forums at diff. stages (homebirth, breastfeeding, homeschooling etc,) Im a very healty vegetarian yoga teacher living in Europe. I am VERY sick while on vaca here in the US. at first they told me it was the flu...and now its pneumonia. I had x rays. My bp was 80/50, my whit blood cell count was low/normal. I started with oscocillium, emergenC and garlic but am now on antibitoics, steroids, codeine UGH I want to get well and go home (my 14 yr old dog is waitng) . I am ok and surrendering to the conventional treatments but Im angry at my body. How did this happen??? WHat can I do to restrengthen when I get home?? We have lots of homepathy in Germany but herbs are regulated and hard to get. Language barrier as well. Right now Im in a little town in the Western Md Mountains with 1 grocery store and I doubt a natural food store. any advice appreciated. Hubby is making garlic soup, Im resting...

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really? No one?? thats a bummer....

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How miserable to be that sick let alone away from home!

I'd do probiotics now and any pharmacy/drugstore/stores wtih that type of thing like Walmart should have Culturelle. It's good with antibiotics. The antibioitics will kill it (and all the other good bacteria you have) off with each dose. So you dose the probiotic about 3-4 hours after each antibiotic dose.

Once you're off antibiotics do a good probiotic for at least two weeks (a month better imo). I don't know what you have available in Germany to suggest. Probitoic foods (fermented--yogurt, kraut, etc.) would be a good idea though and available anywhere!

Short course steroids shouldn't have any major lasting effects. So replinishing the gut after the antibioitcs would be key in my opinion.

The bigger questions as to why you got that sick instead of fighting it? Could be the travel in my mind honestly. That's got to make the immune system take a hit. Are your vitamin D levels normal/do you supplement D3? I don't know if that is monitored well in Germany but good D levels will help the body fight off things like this (and flu) more effectively and has so many other health benefits besides.

I hope you're feeling better very soon!
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Thank you so much! Yes, what I thought...probiotics like crazy. We have kefir and my Dr will give me acidopholus I'm sure. I think the travel sucks and I hate it, but we do enjoy coming "home" for a holiday. I also supp with vit D3 but just started about a month ago. I take 1,000 iu. My Dr had tested me and told me I was in the normal range but didn't say what the count was. I'm upping my c and D for now. thanks

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