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Hi, I am new on this site.

I am a French mother and I am moving to England (in the surroundings of Windsor) in June.

My son, Luc, who is 7 years old, will be attending an English state school.

I have not chosen/found the school yet.

He knows a few words of English and will have to manage at school...

I am trying to do my best to prepare him for this huge change and would like to

know how English pupils behave in an English classroom (as I have heard it is

so much different in the French system..).

He will be in year 3.

Could you tell me how the children call their "teacher" (by her name, Madam or Maitresse) ? Do they have to put

their fingers up to be allowed to speak? Are they allowed to go to the "loo"

during classes? How many activities are they allowed to choose after school?

Is it compulsory to choose an activity or can they leave school at 3:30?

Do all schools propose football as an activity?

That kind of questions which may seem stupid but would help me answer

all the questions of my little boy and make him feel less anxious...