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Inexpensive Fitted Diapers

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Does anybody have a type of inexpensive fitted diaper that they like? I don't want a pocket or AIOs...I just want a fitted diaper I can use with Thirsties duo covers. I have used Thirsties Fab Fitted but didn't like them as they were not absorbent enough. I'd prefer to support a WAHM who makes them, but I'm open to whatever. 


Any suggestions?

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Dream-eze are nicely absorbent.  They were my favorite dipe once upon a time, and then they changed their pattern.  They're still good, just not my fave any more. 


Between now and tomorrow morning, Babyhalfoff.com has them for $10/dipe. 

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I have always wanted to try Green Mountain Diapers fitteds.  THey are made from the prefolds that they sell (which I've used for DS's whole life and I love).  


They will fit great under Thirsties and they are inexpensive too.

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