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Anyone feel like they don't need to buy many supplies or do much before baby comes?

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This is also my 3rd child and I really don't have an urgent to-do list.  I pretty much have everything I need or realize that a lot of the "stuff" that we thought we needed to have for a baby was never even used.  I have two girls and we are not finding out the gender of this baby but if it's another girl I am totally all set for clothes.  If it's a boy- my older sister- who lives 15 mins away and has two boys and is totally done- will be dropping off about 6 bins of clothes... so, I don't need to worry about clothes.  The only 2 areas I need to upgrade are 1) Infant car seat- ours is 6 yrs old and so it's considered expired.  2) Cloth diapers.  I CD'd from day one with both my girls and honestly my stash is a little worn out from CD'ing full-time two kiddos.  I had a bunch of kissaluvs size 0 but lent them to someone and they were never returned.  Also, the elastic is really shot on a lot of my pocket dipes so I will need to replace those.  Some of my stash I will wait until the baby is born as I know some dipes work better for boys vs girls and skinny vs chunky legs.


I'm sort of glad I'm not super into shopping as I really don't have the time anyways with 2 kids and full time job.  I am super excited about this baby and a bit sad not to have all that time to analyze reviews and pour over each baby registry item.  On the other hand, I do know what works and doesn't work for me so no point wasting money on something I will never use.

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I'm a first time mom and I really am not feeling the super urge to buy stuff. I have about 25 things on the  must have list which is my registry and then everything else is like "meh". We've bought a couple clothes, but I know we'll get inundated with clothes by people at some point. No one ever wants to buy you a snot sucker for some reason, they all just want to buy you the same stupid onesie everyone else did. I'm not grousing cause people bought us stuff, I'm just amazed that everyone I have shown the registry to has gone "Oh that's awesome" and then bought us a onesie. I'm not big on tradition, but I put together a registry cause this is stuff we actually NEED and we're about to have a severe money crunch as soon as I stop working.

Wow, I just went on a weird ramble there.


To get back on topic. I don't feel like people use most the stuff they originally buy and I'm very dedicated to a low-plastic household, so that's half the baby stuff out there right out the window. We have a small apartment, there won't be a "nursery" as much as "the empty space on my side of the bed will now belong to the baby" so that also kills a lot of stuff. I'm just not a "stuff" person. My nesting is consisted of going through all the stuff we already own and planning a garage sale orngtongue.gif

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A lot of stuff isn't necessary for a baby. I didn't realize that w/ my first, but definitely do now w/ my second. And most things can be obtained used at drastically reduced cost. They grow so quickly. We're all just smarter the second or third time around. I didn't bother w/ a registry, and am just getting exactly what I need this time (ex. onesies, swaddling blanket, car seat, wrap, etc...). No nursery furniture, toys, crib, swings, bouncy things, monitors, dressy clothes, diaper genie, expensive anything, etc... I'm debating over the changing table, but if I purchase one, it will be for $15 at the used baby place.

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for what it's worth we follow jewish tradition/superstition of not buying/preparing anything before the baby arrives and it's worked out just fine for dd1. i did have a crib lined up but not put together and not in our house. apart from that, dh just went out after she was born and got some onesies, socks, diapers, and a carseat.


since i found a borrowed wrap really useful for dd from the get-go, that might be the one thing i do buy because i don;t really know if dh could handle that post-partum shopping request. other than that, there's really not much that you need right away.

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i'm definitely feeling this way (which is a total relief).  this will be our second and i had a breakdown at about month seven when i was pregnant with dd, convinced that i wasn't prepared and didn't have everything i needed.  turns out, there isn't much you actually NEED. 


didn't know what we were having with our first (and won't be finding out with this one either), so much of the 0-6 month clothes we have are gender neutral.  if we have another girl, we're totally set for clothes.  if we have a boy, i have a friend whose son just turned one (they've decided not to have any more children and she has said i can have whatever i want). 


there are a few things i'd like, but am not stressing too much about it.  i'd like a co-sleeper.  dd slept in the bed with us, but i'm feeling i'd just like a little more space this time around.  i'd also like a new sling.  and, like you karen, i need to take inventory of my cd stash and probably replace a few things.


more than things i need are things i'd like to get done.  i'm really trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff before baby comes, i'm a bit of a pack rat.  again, however, i'm not stressing too much.  just trying to enjoy the ride.

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I am feeling that way.  We already have all of our baby gear from when DD was born.  And, this baby - a girl - is due right around DD's birthday, so the seasons will match up.  Which means, I can reuse all of DD's adorable clothing!!


The only thing we really have to do is get the nursery set up.  We picked out paint colors this weekend. biggrinbounce.gif

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The mr. and I are minimalists, so we didn't even buy much for our first babe (nor did I have a baby shower)

for first babe we got (and needed)
*diapers (cloth, I ended up using prefolds, and knitted my own wool covers, we do use pockets at night, I sold all our fitteds and other covers that we ended up not using)
*car seat
*wraps (I ended up only wrapping, sold our other carriers that I 'tried' but didn't like - mei tai, an ergo like thing, etc)
*clothes (we didn't use onesies because of the wool covers, so just shirts, no pants also because of using longies, so not much stuff ended up being needed here, luckily we didn't buy a lot)
*cosleeper (used this for the first few weeks, but ended up having him in bed with us)
*wool pad for bed (this was great)
*changing pad (just put it on a dresser)
*we do have a bouncy seat, a pretty simple one though (baby bjorn)
*yoga ball

we didn't need a crib, or a changing table (used a dresser), or toys (until he was 3+ months) no stroller, no big plastic accessories, etc. No swing, etc. we ended up getting a baby monitor only in the last few months since we moved to a two-floor place.

so this time, we still have most of that stuff. the only thing I have on my list to get:

diapers (I had sold off our newborn prefolds! I thought we weren't having more smile.gif )
another wool pad

that's it!
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I do have a few things I need to buy - diaper covers in small and medium, and I want to get an infant insert for my Ergo :)  Aside from that I think I will buy a swing for this baby as a splurge.  Otherwise, I figure this babe can live with/in hand-me-downs.  That's sort of life for baby #5 ;)  I do look forward to going through and cleaning baby clothes, and getting everything set up and ready for the birth.  My baby carrier, "potty bowl" (we EC), and prefold diapers are about all we use often other than clothing for the new babes :p

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We don't have much to buy either. Most of what we DO have to buy is clothing as we had a boy last time (and all his clothes up to about size 4 have been given away anyway). Other than that, there's another pack and play, diapers, and a car seat.


We also decided that a baby sling thingy (where you put them up against your chest) will be needed on the in-climate days that I have to walk to get DS from school and when we want to hike and so on where a stroller won't work and hands are needed for umbrellas and what not and you can't carry the baby.


We have everything else here from DS or replaced what needed replacing already: Crib, swing, toys, highchair, stroller and so on.


That's not to say if we find a cute toy or something second hand for a great price that we won't buy it. In fact, we did that this time around before we even knew I was pregnant (I was at the time, but it was just after conception and I had no symptoms.) Oddly enough, the toy was a PINK and purple one and we are having a girl. Seems like an early hint what was to come, looking back on that day. Then we got other things like a Boppy for $3 used (but in like new shape) so things tend to pop out at us that we should grab along the way. :P

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Yeah I'm not planning to get much this time either.


I have three boys so if we have another we're set.. unless it's seasonal issues (which it could be since I always had fall babies, and this one is in the spring) with the clothing.  I think I should be set on diapers once my friend is done with the infant prefolds I loaned her.  And welll I already have a ton of wraps/a mei tai and stretchy wrap for DH.  If we have a girl (we aren't finding out till birth) we might pick up some more things to 'accessorize' .. but I don't think we have to go crazy with pink lol.


Not sure if the current church we attend does showers for subsequent babies or not (doubt it), but I don't even know what I would ask for if they did lol.


We do need a carseat, I prefer convertible ones (thinking of a Radian possibly) for the new baby at some point before birth.  And I might get another moses basket/bouncy seat used or such maybe if I decide to have the clutter.  But we really did use the last two items previously..

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Originally Posted by Skrimpy View Post

I do have a few things I need to buy...I want to get an infant insert for my Ergo :)

ooh, good idea.


Originally Posted by Skrimpy View Post

 I do look forward to going through and cleaning baby clothes, and getting everything set up and ready for the birth.


me too! smile.gif

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I forgot to add that it's looking highly likely that we may be moving within the next month or two.... so I'm especially not in a hurry to buy things.. we have ENOUGH stuff to move as it is.... ughhhhh


But moving would be a huge benefit in the end.. especially home birth wise (awesome master suite in the 'possible' new place.. with separate shower/ and a claw foot bath tub..)

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me! me!  We're also on our third and aside from a car seat and this little one's legacy wrap (I'm thnking Didymos Iris at this point), we really don't need much. I need to go through our CD stash and if it's a girl, we'll need some clothes for the first year... With this one, we're not even setting up their "room" as babe will be sleeping with us for at least the first year. I don't think we'll even put up a crib this time. Maybe I'm forgetting about something...because we almost feel too relaxed in preparing for this babe's arrival?

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i'm feeling this way too.  honestly, if a healthy, full term baby arrived tomorrow, it wouldn't be a big deal.  although, all our nb clothes are at my mom's... but that's only across town.  and i guess we don't have any nb winter clothes but that would be a minor problem :) 

i picked up some extra diapers last year for the twins when i thought we'd have three in diapers scared.gif  but since dd PTed this summer, the baby can have all her dipes and the new ones.  i also bought a mei tai and a baby k'tan for the twins although i really want an ergo! 


a lot of dd's newborn stuff was neutral but if we find out that we're having a boy, then i'll pick up a few boy things.  if it's a girl we're set since dd was a spring baby too :)


there are a few things that we'd like to do before the baby comes such as attempt to move dd to her own bed in her own room... i'm not sure how that will go.  the though of having 2 in our bed doesn't bother me as much as it does dh.  and we'd like to finish our basement so we can clean out the office for the baby but since the baby will be in our room for a while, i wouldn't be horrible if it didn't happen.  

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Me too! This is my third as well, and I have a boy and a girl. Plus, all of our newborn stuff is pretty gender neutral (diapers and things that I knew would be going from child to child). 



I did see a beautiful woven wrap that I think I am going to have to save up for. I also need to figure out a car seat arrangement. Both of our cars are paid for, so even though I want a mini-van that is just not going to happen. So, I need to decide and purchase a car seat arrangement that can have 3 5-point harnessing seats in one row. I am thinking of getting a Radian for this one, and possibly more of a 5-point booster for DD. She will be 5 soon... I don't know!

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Boy #3 here, and I'm feeling the same way!  This one is due a month before DS2's birthday, so the seasons are right on the hand-me-down clothes, and we have all the diapers and other gear we might possibly need.  I've been picking up a few clothes here and there if something particularly cute catches my eye, and I might buy another Thirsties cover or 2, but otherwise there really isn't anything that needs done!  

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Ooo, I do want to get an Ergo this time around.  I have a Moby and a Zolo ring sling, but some moms in my playgroup have raved about the Ergo.

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I havent bought a single thing.  I want to get a ring sling for breastfeeding and need to get 3 diaper covers to replace broken ones. I'll probably get 3 more in a smaller size since I really love those covers.  My EDD is DD's 3rd birthday so if this is a girl too I have plenty in the right sizes and seasons.

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i"m in the same boat and this is #1 for us. feeling no urge to buy -- HOWEVER, the winter weather has me feeling a bit cooped up and I feel like I should at least be thinking about it or browsing consignment stores!  

I'd love some recommendations from been-there moms as to which items are absolutely essential.  Just like another mom on this thread, we do not have a  nursery and will most likely be moving shortly after the birth, so I really don't want any extra junk floating around "just in case". I can't imagine that we'll need THAT much during first 3 months...


I have a feeling a church shower will be imminent too and that is my main motivator because I really have no idea what to register for! Can you register for cash?!!  I have been trying to get away from buying stuff at big stores, and I dont' see any way around this tho i'm looking into some regional stores that have registries. Don't know if it will fly tho with the little old church ladies...


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