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Mei Tai Style Carriers

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Hi everyone,


I have owned a few carriers, but mostly used my padded ring sling due to comfort and the variety of positions for baby (and toddler!) I also had a hotsling (pretty but not very comfy or versatile and the fit was never quite right as you couldn't easily adjust it so I used it very little) and a non-padded ring sling that I actually returned as it was too uncomfortable for me. I love the look of the Mei Tai style carriers but have questions (and they are pricey so if I do spring for one I want to get the right one) - when can you really start using them with a babe? Can you put them on and off quickly and are they pretty adjustable? I just don't see people using these very often and wonder if it's because they are not that comfy or they are hard to put on or maybe it's just that they haven't caught on here?


Mobys intrigue me as I know people love them and say they are comfy but they seem too complicated. 


I appreciate your 2 cents!


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I love my Mei Tai, don't get me wrong.. I just hate the lonnnnng straps which is why I always reach for my Boba first.  I still haven't figured out how to get it on without dragging the straps all over the ground... and in a snowy winter Chicago with LOTS of salt on the ground.. I'd rather not bother with it until spring.


I used a MT with DD when she was 3mos old, and I froggied her legs up.  She ended up getting a purplish bruise on the bottom of her foot because of blood flow issues... so I wouldn't personally recommend it until they're able to straddle you.

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My current babe was in my Babyhawk Mei Tai from a few days old. I loved it tremendously with DD1--used it til she was 3 or 3-1/2! With this one, she keeps putting her arms out, which puts off my center of gravity and makes my back ache. When she's cooperative, though, I love it. 

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I really love my mei tai with DD now that she is older, it is really comfortable in a back carry.  I did have the same issue as a pp with her feet getting the circulation cut off a little in the froggy position but she was fine with one leg in and one out. 

When she was tiny, the Moby wrap was my favorite, it was very snug and comfortable and she would fall asleep right away even if she were fussy.

I really love the Beco Gemini and right now it is my favorite for going out to the store because it's cold and the straps on the mei tai do get wet and dirty in the snow. I can put the Gemini on and then just pop her in and out when we get there.

I have to add this...if she is really fussy and tired or her teeth are hurting, I love my very soft woven wrap.  She snuggles into a back carry and just relaxes so much and it allows me to do stuff at the same time.

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I have 2 MTs and I really like my Kozy. I started using it at 4 months, mind you ds2 was 18 lbs by then. I can take it off easily and tie it easily, adjustable and comfy.

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I love my Kozy Mei Tai .  It is super easy to use.  The reversible nature for 2 different colors is great.  I love the big pocket.  When I am out I can tuck the long straps into my pockets to they don't get gross on the ground.  I started using mine when my son was about 3 months old.  It has been wonderful  His head flops a bit when he falls asleep, but I use a receiving blanket to support it a little (just make sure to do it safely). 

It is so so simple to adjust to nurse in.  - It is actually my favorite for this.  I find putting it on my back really easy too.

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