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dairy free soy free prenatal

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I have been off dairy for a while now and after a visit to the pediatric GI on thursday I am off soy too.I had been taking the Rainbow Light One a day, but it has soy in the glaze :(    Anyone recommend a good dairy free and soy free prenatal?








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I like Thorne supps because they have real folate instead of folic acid.


Apparently the vitamin E in them, and almost (all?) vitamin E out there, is soy-derived.  Don't know how sensitive you are, maybe it'd be an issue, maybe not--I think several people here who otherwise avoid soy are ok with the vit E.  But some people probably can't tolerate it and I'm not sure of a multivit w/o it. 


That said--if it's not ok, then I'd do separates from Thorne.  They have Basic B complexes (and other B complexes with more of various B vitamins) and mineral supps like Biomins and Citramins.  Generally all the forms of vits/mins are easily absorbed and utilized, and if you do separates, you can tweak how much of the minerals you want in comparison to the vitamins. 

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Thanks, I will look into it. I do not know how sensitive my daughter is to soy.

I have been dairy free for a while now and her symptoms did not resolve. I cut soy as well a week ago and she is sooooo much better.

The only soy in my current vitamins is soy lechitin in the vegetable glaze on the outside of the vitamin. I am scared to take it. I just don't know what all the different forms of soy are and how they might affect my daughter I was hoping there was some vitamin that had none of either...and I would take separates except that I really liked the one a day because I have a ridiculously hard tome swallowing pills :/


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