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Welcome, Mimihol! I hope that you get some relief soon!


My EDD is 2/4 and I originally thought it would be neat to go until 2/10 which is my birthday but my BP has been creeping up and they found some protein in my urine yesterday so we'll see. I just want her to hang in there until at least 1/21 so we can get some more stuff situated and because I have been thinking of her as an aquarian. 

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Is it a sign of impending labour if you don't want to leave the house or be responsible for anything except dessert and laying in bed?? If so, I must be about to go any minute. biggrinbounce.gif


Mimihol - I'm also in way more pain than I was with my other pregnancies. I'm having terrible SI joint pain and now in the pubic bone too so I can barely walk. I was 34 weeks yesterday and can't imagine having to waddle around like this for another 6-8 weeks. Sometimes I can only walk by leaning on the counters and walls in our house! I know bedrest is super inconvenient but I'd almost welcome it at this point. I hope you get some relief soon. I'll be thinking of you over the coming weeks.

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Bluebird mama, we must be about to go into labor together lol.

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It is wonderful to have your encouragement and support especially since many of you are in the same boat. I feel better already. I am taking it easy today and set my timer to do everything even 5 mins helps.

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Oh yes bluebirdmama, I must be ready to go at any minute as well!orngbiggrin.gif

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OKiMom~ it sounds like we are due pretty much the same time! And I saw somewhere that one of your children's birthday is January 29...that's my birthday! My DH keeps teasing me about having a Superbowl party in the delivery room. winky.gif

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Baily- My husband is teasing me too!! He said hes going to cook the wings the day before so he can take them with him. I told him he brings food that smells good into the delivery room (especially wings which I love) I might have to go pregnant woman on him. He laughed at me, mean man! Im nice, I packed him a bag of easy to grab snacks, I just don't want anything that I can smell since my sense of smell is extremely sensitive. My oldest daughter's is the 29th of Jan, she keeps saying shes going to have her birthday and a week later baby brother is coming.. we shall see if she is right. Ill laugh if she is, she was right about me being pregnant (she guessed before we even told the girls), about the gender (she insisted it was a boy from the minute we found out) so we shall see if she is right with the baby's birth date. I honestly hope not, military people are crazy when it comes to sports since it connects them to home when they are so far away so giving birth Superbowl Monday (Sunday over there is Monday here) isn't something I want to do. I can just imagine how distracted all of them would be.

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I'm at 39 weeks tomorrow.  I went 43 weeks with #1 and 11 days over with #2, so I'm not planning on going early or even on-time.  However, I'm feeling some changes for sure: baby is definitely low, low, and I'm having regular BH even though I never, ever had them with the first two.  Still, I was 80% effaced and 1 cm dialated, could barely move with #1 for over a month, so it's not as if any of that NOW means anything, either!

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