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Formula or Solids? Help!

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Hi~  I am going back to school for two, maybe 3 days a week the longest day will be around 9 hours away from my 6m old baby girl the shortest day will be less than 3. 


She is EBF to this point aside from one formula bottle out of desperation in the car when it was snowing.nut.gif  She has only had a breastmilk bottle 2-3 times.


My problem is that I don't have time to pump much because I pump very little at a time and I would be pumping all day.  DD will be mostly with DH when I am at school with an occasional overlap with MIL if DH isn't home in time.  Anyway, we are also looking into starting solids because DD seems very interested and ready.  I was going to start with fruits/veggies and taking her cues from there.


Now, my question is should my husband try to feed her solids while I am gone or should he give her formula if I am not able to pump enough for her?  I looked for a long time on Kellymom trying to find a similar question but didn't fine much.


WWYD?  I'm leaning towards giving her enough solids to get her through the evening and HOPEFULLY getting some milk pumped in case.  I know I will have to have both on hand in case.  I am also on WIC which will supply TONS of baby food, (I think they said over 90 jars a month!!) whereas no formula is provided since she is EBF. (I plan on bf until she is at least 1)


I really want to get her ready the week before I have to leave her (the week after next) and I just don't feel right giving her either before necessary.  This on top of her separation anxiety is becoming a very stressful transition!  (for me at least!redface.gif)


Any help would be appreciated!!!  Thanks!


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I posted something similiar and was told that at this age, they should get most of their calories from BM or formula. I think that it is once in a while it is ok to hold them over with solids that is find but not regularly. I think that your DH can give her solids while you are gone but she will need milk as well. Hope this helps.

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I agree based on my experience with my daughter (now 12 months old) she still not getting most of her calories from solids.  I don't know it would be possible to shift her over to solids while you are away.... without something extra.

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if it was just going to be for like 4 hours, I would say solids would be enough (in fact I babysit a 6 month old, and we have a 4 hour stretch where he just has solids between when he gets dropped off and when his mama comes to nurse him on her break), but for a little one who is barely getting into solids and should be getting 95% of their nutrition from BM still, 9 hours is way too long to go without milk. I would go ahead and introduce solids and pump like crazy when you can, but use some formula to fill in the gaps. 

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Breastmilk or formula is their main food and solids are only a complementary food to the bm.  You will need to give bm or formula during the day in addition to some solids.  It will take some time to build up the amount of solids your baby will eat.

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I agree with others, 9 hours is too long without formula or breastmilk. I would pump whatever you can, even if it isn't a lot it will help keep your supply up if nothing else, and give her that, supplement some with formula and sure have DH give her solids as well if you plan to start anyway, but she won't be taking much when you are just starting, but it gives him one more thing to do with her and that's very helpful at that age for caregivers smile.gif

And for pumping, if you haven't yet, read threads here and info on kellymom and whatnot for how to increase your pumping supply. Most women can increase it quite a bit by some trial and error figuring out what works best for them. And regardless, it helps to keep your supply up so at least you can continue breastfeeding as long as you want when you aren't apart.
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I don't get a lot of milk when I pump... maybe 2 ounces?  But if I do it everyday then I quickly have quite a bit.  If I were in your position on the short days where you are going 3-4 hours I would not leave a bottle (unless you find you are able to start pumping more).  Then I would pump once a day and that should be enough for the day you are gone for a long time.  My DD is 7 months and I leave a 4 ounce bottle once a week for her when I am gone for just over 4 hours.  I leave her again for 3 hours and I don't have to leave a bottle then.


Another thought... your breasts are going to get really engorged being away for 9 hours. Could you pump at school?  I always get a lot of milk if I pump when my breasts are really full!  Just last night I left DD for 4 hours and today I have a plugged duct or possibly mastitis.


Like someone else said the more you pump the more milk you often get.  Try and do it the same time each day and relax.


Good Luck!  

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Definitely formula.  She is still too young to be getting that much of her daily calories from solids.  Even if you nurse when you are together and do formula when apart.

Pump whenever you can - I always pumped after DD nursed in the morning before leaving for work.  It gave me an extra ounce or two that I just could *not* get over the course of the day.  And pump on weekends even when you don't work.  

I wouldn't let myself go 9 hours without pumping.  You will be very uncomfortable at first and it will definitely affect your supply overall.

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She should be getting the majority of her calories from bm or formula. If you can't provide enough bm when you are away you need to give her formula. Solids are just for play until a year and she is way, way to little to not receiving either bm/formula during that time.

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