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Clomid lengthened luteal phase but thinned lining - now what?

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Tried clomid 50 mg for the 1st time 2 cycles ago (for suspected luteal defect - luteal phase of 10 days).  Sure enough I had a 14 day luteal phase....but then a period that only lasted 3 days and was lighter than usual (mine have been much longer - more like 5-6 days on average).  Came back with very high progesterone 7 dpo (64?) and OB figured I ovulated more than one egg.  Did not have ultrasound to measure lining (not an option here without visiting an infertility clinic 7 hrs drive away - and we don't have any RE's here either).  I'm guessing my lining was too thin to support implantation.  DH has normal SA (but on the low end of normal for most aspects). 


So the next cycle I thought, "why not just chop the 50 mg pills in half and try 25 mg?"...thinking maybe I could get the benefit of the egg boost but maybe with less impact on the lining.  Well - I had much less midcycle pain, still ovulated....but my luteal phase was only 12 days and my period lasted basically 2 days (3rd and 4th day just a bit of spotting).


This makes me think that moving to IUI would be a waste of time with only about a 5% success rate per cycle (and it's close to out of our budget too).  There's no way we could afford IVF.   But at nearly 39 time is running out...


What next?  Any suggestions?  I feel like I'm driving this boat (doing my own research and coming to her with questions/suggestions) with the OB/GYN but really have no other option living in a rural area and not being able to afford to travel to an infertility clinic. 


Thanks wise ladies :)

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I'm about to start Clomid in 2 days (also hoping it will extend my 10 day luteal phase), but I'm worried about the potential side effects of decreased cervical fluid and thinned lining.  I was just reading that someone takes baby aspirin to help their lining, so I am about to look into that.  Also read someone takes raspberry leaf extract or something?  Anyways, definitely don't quote me on the specifics, but maybe look into ways of supporting/strenghtening your lining to counter the Clomid?  That's what I hope to do...  Good luck :)

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Thx for the tips!


I just went to google doctor and pub med....and it seems that letrozole (Femera) is as effective as clomid but doesn't thin the lining as much.  Anyone out there know anything about this drug? 


I've also read that clomid stays in your system a while....so I wonder if that's why I had a shorter period on the half dose?

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I used Clomid 50 mg for three cycles with no effect on my lining. This cycle we did 100 mg of Clomid and at cd12 my lining was measuring only 4.  My RE ordered Estradiol 2mg daily until my blood test (following the IUI) to help thicken the lining to where it should be for the IUI to be successful. I can't tell you whether it worked or not as I'm still waiting to find out if the IUI was successful. 


I've also heard Red Raspberry leaf tea can naturally thicken the lining and used it for a while. My lining always measured well, so I'm thinking it worked well.  Hope this helps!

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Thanks!  I think I'll go out and buy some red raspberry leaf tea and will ask about estradiol.  Any and all other suggestions welcome.

Keeping fingers crossed your IUI goes well :)

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Ask for Femara 5 mg instead of Clomid. It does the same thing in terms of increasing follicle growth but does not usually affect the lining. It is used off-label in fertility since it is approved as a breast cancer drug so your non-fertility specialist doctor might not know much about it.

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