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Here's me today.  I am exactly 10 wks, 0 days.  I haven't gained a single pound, but my belly is much bigger.  I have to undo my button and hold the pants together with a hair tie.  Sorry for the crappy pic...took it with my phone.


preg belly 10 wks.JPG



So, do I look too big for a first time mom at 10 wks?  Some of my friends are telling me it's too early for me to have any belly and it must be twins.  ???


My HCG's were not super high, in fact they were towards the lower end of the ranges (but doubled as they should).  My progesterone levels were the same.  Low end, but increasing.  Twins do not run in my family.  In fact, I don't know anyone in my family on either side with twins except DH's distant cousin. 


My belly is not as big in the morning,  but it gets bigger throughout the day which makes me think a lot of it is bloat.  I can't suck it in flat and I HATE having my button done.  In fact, this morning I almost couldn't do the button.  I am 10 wks, 3 days.


Does this look like a normal 10 wk belly of a first time mom (taken in the afternoon and not in the morning)?



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I think you look great! I wish I looked that good NOT pregnant. I could probably pass for 20 weeks, though it is baby #5 for me.
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I'm never that big at 10 weeks, but it seems like a lot in this DDC are showing a lot already too. I wouldn't mind showing already! I always get that "fat" look where you can't tell if I'm pregnant or not for a while! 

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I think you look normal! Everyone is different and starts showing at different times. I think you look great :)

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You look like me!  I am almost 11 weeks.  I think it's normal.  I know for sure that we're only having one baby.  Mine also gets much bigger by the end of the day.  So it's probably bloat getting pushed up by the growing uterus.

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You're definitely showing quite a bit for 10 weeks but you look awesome, it's totally a pregnant belly. I would be super excited. I'm showing but it looks like all nasty bloat. And I'm only 9 weeks 1 day. 

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You look fabulous!!  I personally don't think you're showing a whole lot for 10 weeks.  You are a teensy tiny skinny minnie!!  Things are moving around, shifting.  Organs get pushed into weird places.  Bloat.  I don't think you should worry about multiples at all -- your friends are just being silly!

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You look about the same size as me bellywise and I'm ten weeks. 

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I look just like my friend who is about 21 weeks. This is baby #3 for me. She is having baby #5 and she doesn't start showing until after her 2nd trimester with all of her pregnancies. Then, you take my other friend who was pregnant with her first and started showing almost right away. Everyone has a different bodies that react in unique ways to pregnancy. I've seen lots of pregnant women in my day and they all vary. I have a short torso. I didn't show much until my 2nd trimester with my son. But, when I finally did everyone thought I was having twins. I was huge. But, my belly has no where to go so it all goes out. Everyday someone would tell me I was having twins or a 12 pounder. My son was 7 lbs.

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Thanks ladies.  I think it's just normal and a lot of bloat too.  We are taking pictures every Tues morning before I eat and those aren't showing the same bigger bump.  I think it's like someone (Maurine I think) said...during the day it gets pushed up from the food and no room for it.  Either way, I think it's a cute bump and I just love it!:)  Going in on Friday to hear the heartbeat.  Fingers crossed!!!  I will be 11 wks.  Hope the baby cooperates and goes close to the surface so mommy can hear that beautiful heart...oh my...there go the water works again.  I am so in love with this baby and pregnancy...and my husband and everybody. :)  Okay, I got carried away, but I am so in love with the baby and my wonderful husband.  I can't wait to meet this little one.


Thanks ladies.  Not worried about more than one anymore. :)  I wasn't too worried in the first place, but it was a "what if" kinda thing.



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