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I'm sorry :(  As a pp stated, I would make a c-section birth plan so that you can be in control as much as possible.  Also, make sure they do an u/s right before they take you back...you just never know!  A friend of mine had a c-section scheduled for a breech baby and when she went in, he had flipped!  They sent her home and waited for her to go into labor.

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Went to midwife today and she's 90% sure he's head down now. I didn't notice it at first, because I worked the last two nights and with all the contractions I get on my feet all night, I wasn't relaxed enough to feel much. But the big lopsided head lump that was on my upper right belly appears to have made its way down; instead there's a foot or a knee. Yay!

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GREAT NEWS, Ravin!!!!

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