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Cross-posted learning at school: IEP communications

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If your child is on an IEP, how often do you communicate with the teacher, therapists, etc. about his/her progress?


My son started K this year. He has been receiving Speech and OT through the public schools for 2 years now. Now his services are done during the day at school. Because of that, I have not met his therapists and receive no communication from them. We did talk about his issues a little at our parent/teacher conference last month, and his annual IEP review is in March. I guess I was wondering what other parents in similar situations do. Do you go out of your way to call or meet the therapists? I guess I probably should have at the beginning of the year. But I'm shy! Yet, I do want to talk to them more. He's not making as much progress as I might have expected and I'm wondering how they feel, and if I should be doing things at home (we used to get "homework" from his former therapists--until this year).

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The only way I really ever received any communication was to initiate it myself.  Now that we are at a private school on an ISP I get a bit more communication.

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Can you ask the classroom teacher to set up a regular time to meet and go over your ds's progress?  You could also ask for supplemental activities that you could do at home that might benefit your ds.  You could also ask for the OT's email and request they update you via email.  Ask questions.


I pick my ds up from school once a week because he plays cello and can not carry it far.  I make a point on that day to go talk to his classroom teacher.  I get updates on health and behavior instead of his IEP.  I have however gone to talk to his special ed teacher periodically to talk about how he is doing with his IEP.  He also does OT, but it is not at the school, so I to with him to OT.


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My ds does not have an IEP but a 504 due to behavior issues resulting from ADHD. Our school only has parent pick-up so I have the opportunity to see ds' teacher each day. I at least try to make eye contact to see if she wants to flag me down to tell me something that happened during the day.


I've also e-mailed his teacher (more so in the beginning of the year), and the special ed teacher (though this has always been to schedule an appointment or to arrange the exchange of paperwork). If something is bothering me about ds at school I either e-mail, ask his teacher at pick-up, or schedule a conference. I scheduled a conference with ds' teacher at parent orientation before school started. My understanding is that you can request an IEP meeting before the official review.


I'm not an outgoing person, but since ds has started school I have to push myself to advocate for him. If you are anything but satisfied with his progress/the school's efforts talk with them about what can be done to make things better.

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My DS is still in preschool and I talk to his teachers and therapists daily, but I do know that other kids who ride the bus have a communication notebook in their backpacks so the parents/teachers/therapists can converse and get updates that way, which seems less stressful to me.

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