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Our girls are here!!

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Welcome to the world, Felicity and Violet

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Wow - we're having a baby boom!!


Congrats!!  I'm glad they're doing so well and I LOVE the names!

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Congratulations! And welcome to the world, Violet and Felicity!

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Welcome babes!  So happy for your family!!

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Congrats!! Glad to hear they are doing great!

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Woo! goodness, apparently it really is almost time! It's babies galore today! :)

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Congratulations!! I can't believe its our time already!

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Congrats and welcome babies!!!

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More babies! Exciting-and congratulations!!!!

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Congrats on your beautiful babies!  And both of you can breastfeed - what a great bonus for two moms!

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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.giflove.gif


Oh, I am SO happy for you two!!! And I was wondering if you guys were going to share nursing duties. Hehe. But do remember that wifey needs to nurse frequently to insure that her mature milk does come in and to keep that supply good. winky.gif


How is she recovering from the surgery? 

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Congratulations!! So glad everyone is doing well!!

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Congratulations!!!  So glad that they didn't even need NICU time.  Wow! 

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Congratulations!!!!  That is so awesome about being able to breastfeed them as well!  Welcome Violet and Felicity!

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What a happy story! Congrats!!! So glad to hear everything is going so well and that you'll both be nursing them. You ladies rock.

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Congratulations!!!!  Amazing and Wonderful!!   2twins.gif

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Congrats on your little girls! How funny our twins were due the same day and born the same day :D And wonderful that you can help nurse until Rs milk is in. Hope R recovers quickly.

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congratulations mamas! welcome earthside felicity and violet! i love the names too! sending speedy recovery vibes! 



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