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Our girls are here!! - Page 2

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Congrats mamas!!

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congrats mamas! Welcome Felicity and Violet!

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How did I miss this?!? joy.gif Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world little ones!!! Enjoy your babymoon...

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Congratulations and welcome Violet & Felicity!!!

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Congratulations! The boy/girl ratio evens out a little bit. 

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Congratulations! The boy/girl ratio evens out a little bit. 

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congratulations! so wonderful that you can be with them right away... and two nursing twins...amazing!


i can't believe that our month is filling up with birth stories...

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Sarah!!! Congrats to you and your partner and welcome earthside, Violet & Felicity! i love the names!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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congrats! :)

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Big double congratulations!

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Beautiful names! Congratulations!!! So glad everyone is healthy. Hope for speedy recovery and easy nursing!

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Congrats you guys!! love.gif  I'm glad they're healthy...enjoy your twins!

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Congrats mamas and welcome to the world Felicity & Violet!! Can't wait to see pictures :)

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Okay, I finally figured how to track down your update.  SOOOOOO very happy for you!!  Take care and welcome earthside little girlies!!!  and Happy Big Sisterhood to your 'big' girl. :)

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Wow, congratulations!!  Glad to hear that everything went well, and sending good vibes for a speedy recovery.  Happy Birthday little girls!

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Congrats on welcoming your baby girls!

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Whoohoo !!! Congrats !!!!!!!

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Congrats on your 2 healthy baby girls!!

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