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Where do we go now?

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As the last of us are having our babies...how do we all stay in touch? Is there another board we move to or do we get to keep this board? Things have slowed down around here, how many are sticking around? I never did connect with youguys on FB, but I'd love to. I'm nieceyd on FB, please add me :) I've grown quite attached to you ladies and don't want to just go our separate ways :(

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I agree.  I'm crystal.healey on FB

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i'm Lee Ann Murray :) 

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I would love to hook up on facebook! I would prefer to PM my info, though...not that it is 100 times more secure, but just a little bit. If you ladies here don't mind, I will go ahead and add you and if anyone else would like to add me, please feel free to PM :)


ETA: oops! I am apparently having trouble finding you. There are a lot of Lee Ann Murrays and I can't find you other two...maybe you could PM me a link to your profile?

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feel free to add me

Natalie Smusiak

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This board stays open for a couple more months (I think), and then we can start a chat thread in LWAB - in my previous DDC we kept in touch for a good 18 months in LWAB, and on facebook.

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You guys can FB me  I am the only Sedj enane (no space) on there.  My name is pretty unusual.

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Making a thread in "Life with a Babe" is a good thing to do.  We still have a very active chat thread in "Toddlers" for my February '09 moms, which is a lot of fun.  I think it's an easier way to say things to everyone and more specifically about the babies than just on facebook.    But here's my facebook too:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/erin.mckittrick

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I'll be around! We can have a thread in LWAB. I still catch up with the May 07 moms occasionally.
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If anyone is interested, I can create a group for us on FB. It would be public to join but the content and page would be private...I'm definitely around for the long haul - I've become kind of attached to you ladies!  ;)

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A Facebook group sounds awesome. Also, I am facebook.com/tyrantoftheweek

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Ok, I started the Dec Mama's group on FB.  We have to be FB friends in order for me to add you.  I've sent requests to everyone who listed their FB in this thread except FSG and Lee Ann Murray - I can't find either of you. 


I'm Jamie Pearson Fleming on FB, friend me and I'll add ya!  :)

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thanks Jamine

can't wait to get to know all of you

more then only with baby in belly LOL

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I was wondering the same thing. Facebook is good for me. http://facebook.com/rdreyer78

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Jamie, I added you so I can join the group on facebook. I though I would rather do that than post my facebook name etc on here but anyone who wants to friend me through the facebook group I will add you for sure!

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Jamie, thanks for creating a FB group - I just sent you a friend request :)

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me too - just sent you a request jamie

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lynsage on FB!

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Jaime, just sent you a FB request as well

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Me too, jamie!!

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