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Chicken Pox Party - St. Louis

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I'm looking for somebody with Chicken Pox so I can expose my non-vaccinated children to it.  Do your kids or anybody you know have it right now and want to have a Chicken Pox Party? 

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My son is 17 months so I don't think I will doing this soon, but I would be interested in this when he is older. I am surprised no one replied to you.

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totally love this post! LOL i can see why people havent replied but i would totally be in if i was in your area. just had to say that :)

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I just joined this forum today.  If anyone in the middle Georgia has chicken pox I would love to meet up while your little ones are still contagious!  I have six children, the older five had them a few years ago.  It was really easy for the younger ones, but my oldest who was 13ish was really bad!  Hoping to expose my toddler this spring! :)

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I'm in St. Louis and would be interested if you every find the pox!  :)

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I am interested in exposing all four of my children to chicken pox within the next year.  It is April right now.  Have you found anyone to have a "party" with yet?  I know absolutely NOONE who has had it since everyone seems to get the vaccine.

thanks! :)

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I would do it if we had the pox! If you get them LMK!

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LOL, y'all are too funny!  Let me know if anyone is hosting a bubonic plague party so I can expose my daughter winky.gif

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......I don't really understand the point of your post Lamashtu. Seems like you are just trying to be rude, it's unnecessary.

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It is out there and does pop up occasionally, but I have also found that it is very difficult these days to find someone in this area (St. Louis) who has it. 
We DO vaccinate in my family, but I support the right of each family to make the choice that is right for their family. 
And, on the CP front...the ONLY case of CP I've personally come across since my oldest was born 12 years ago...was my current baby (number 6 for me!), who is now 8 months old...he actually got CP back in October at TWO months old...no one around us had CP, the best we've been able to figure is that he contracted it from my mother who had a mild outbreak of SHINGLES.  It was the oddest thing, completely not looking for nor expecting it.  So like I said...it does pop up.

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thank you. i'm hoping it "pops up" soon because I havent heard of anyone having it in the last 6 years!  I don't want them to get it when they are older.

Please let me know if you ever hear of it. thank you!! :)

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My daughter has chicken pox. She was vac. so just the rash no fever. Started this morning, 7/18. She was at a sleep over on Friday with a bunch of non immunised kids.

Leaving town at the end of the week. Might be possible for a quick contact if your still interested, post here.

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Where are you located at? We are 2 hours from St. Louis....can you get it from a shirt? LOL


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