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My MW came to our home the next day for the 1st check and asked to see DS (and me) at one week, which we did.  We did the 3 month check (impromptu) because he came in with me when I had kidney stones and needed help.  We have been back for a ear check, that is about it. 

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I feel like a bad mom, but I honestly can't remember when I've taken each child in? shy.gif I want to say it was a couple months after birth?  Maybe six months?  I don't know -- lol.  Oh, wait, I do remember that I took my oldest daughter in a couple days after she was born because her foot was a little turned in at birth.  I just wanted that checked.  (It was fine.)  That's all that visit entailed, and I didn't take her back for anything (we don't vaccinate and they're rarely sick....I do take them every now and then for a well check, but not annually or anything).  I guess if there's nothing you're concerned about, then I don't see a huge need to go immediately when they're so young.  That may be naive of me, though?

I do not feel you are a bad mama!  I too feel the same way if there is no need, no worries!

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We took the baby to see the ped 5 weeks after her homebirth.


A doctor is someone you hire. They are not the boss in the relationship, you are. If the doctor is not some one you'd care to hire, find some one else. Cash-only clinics will take anyone.

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we will be paying our ped OOP next time to do a homevisit..... as he said he would. reminds me, we need to schedule a visit... we're about a month late :) my dr is fairly strict on visit schedule, but accepts non vex, supports bf, cosleeping etc. so we go as we should, or close to it :)

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 our last birth was unassisted so we just took baby at 8 days old to a pediatrician, they were good because she odviously was fine so what good was it to tell me "i should have done" this or that. i acutally enjoyed it?  plus we were leaving so he didnt even try to talk about what he would like us to do in the future as far as vaxing or visits.  i am sure he was grateful we werent looking for a permanent doc!!!


this time we will have a homebirth midwife so she will do the checks after birth and maybe at 6 weeks, so we wont go to a peds doc at all!!  and the best part no nasty waiting rooms!!! LOVE IT!

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we took our last baby in at about 6 weeks or so, but this baby will be going in much earlier, as there has been a dianosis of a congenital heart defect that i want checked out ASAP after birth, so i'll be up and at 'em within a day or so PP. i hadn't even entertained the idea of paying OOP for a home visit, i suppose i should inquire about that and see if any of the docs in our practice would be up for that--though i imagine it might be a challenge due to scheduling. hmmm...

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We took Dd2 in at 2 weeks just to establish a relationship with the ped.  She didn't bat an eye at homebirthing, no vit K, no vax, no eye goop.  I'm really glad we went because we had issues with getting a social security card for her and needed the doctor's record.  For some strange reason Doctor's records were legal documents that proved she existed, but midwives records were not. headscratch.gif

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We took DS to the doctor at 8 days old. Our midwife came at 36 hours and 4 days, so if there were anything she was concerned with, we would've gone earlier. The nurses at the doc's office seemed shocked that we didn't come in earlier, but whatever. It was nice not to have to go anywhere with him before that. The doctor asked for him to come back a month after the first visit, so he was seen again around 6 weeks old. Then again at 3 months and we'll be going back in a couple of weeks at 5 months.

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Our midwife came at 2 days postpartum and checked both of us, and when we went again at 2 weeks, she checked both of us again, so I didn't take my baby to her pedi until 2 months for her first set of vax's. But, I wanted to make sure we stay with our selective/alt vax schedule, so that's why I took her in then. We're only giving 2 at a time. 

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