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I'm living in South Portland with my husband, (almost) 5 year old and 3 week old daughters. I don't know any moms in the area and don't drive so it is difficult.

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im in portland....my littles aren't really little anymore....youngest is 15. 


mallory....the buses are pretty good, and kid friendly. you can get all the way to falmouth and biddeford.....

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Any thoughts on Augusta?

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I'm only about 35 minutes from Augusta, I'd definitely be interested!

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I'm in Portland, I have an older child. Ds just turned 14 last month and is going into high school at Portland High in the fall. :)


I'd be up for a gathering or get together.

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I just moved to the Oxford area a week ago. Can't send you a PM for some reason but feel free to message me. I'd love to meet some local like minded famIlies.
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I'm near Augusta and would love to meet some more natural minded mamas! pm me!!
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