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NEK Mom groups?

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Hi!  My husband just found a job and we will be moving to the NEK next month.  I have a 6 month old son.  My husband is originally from the area so we have a lot of family there, but we have been living in SC for the last 4 years.  Adjusting back to the Northern climate is going to be rough!  I am going to need some Mommy friends and playgroups.  Are there any groups that meet regularly?

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Hi mama.  I am in the lyndonville area.  Not really any play groups I know.  I know alot of crunchy moms around though.  Where are you moving to?

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We are moving to Sutton.  Anyone have little ones around 6 months old?  Where do the crunchy mamas hang out :)?

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Welcome to the NEK!  What an awesome place to raise a family!  Check out NEKMoms.com and the Facebook Group Mindful Mommies of the NEK.  You'll find lots of mom resources and crunchy moms between the two.  

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We are moving to Sutton.  Anyone have little ones around 6 months old?  Where do the crunchy mamas hang out :)?

I am still looking for the hangout spot.  Although my kids are a little older.


Thanks NEK mom for the link.

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Thanks for the links!  That was exactly what I was looking for!!

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We moved back to the area about a year and a half ago after living in Maryland for 3 years. It definitely was an adjustment--the longer growing season (I love to garden), the colder weather that makes plenty of outdoor gear ESSENTIAL for kiddos, but it is a lovely place to live. I have three children (three year old twins and a 1 1/2 year old) and am expecting our 4th in May.  


I met some people going to story times at the local libraries: http://cobleighlibrary.org/main/ , http://www.stjathenaeum.org/children_lib.htm. Also, summer time at the local farmers markets (Lydnonville has one, as well as St. Johnsbury and Danville). The website that the previous poster shared is good too. There certainly less people up here than in larger, southern metro areas, but I think you run into more like minded individuals up here because there is less of the "suburban" mindset. 

Where is your husband getting a job? Sutton is pretty--we almost bought a house there. : )

Good luck--I hope your move goes well. 

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I also just recently moved back.  Winters are the worst here!  I live in Derby and my son will be 6 months old next week.  I just joined a kindermusik class that meets at IROC once a week.  But I'm looking for other ideas too.

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I have tried a mommy group that meets in Waterford at the library but so far just one other woman attends. I too have a hard time finding Moms who are more 'crunchy' I'm an extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering no vax Mommy and I have yet to meet someone similar kid.gif Doesn't help that I am super shy though haha.


Anyways - welcome to Vermont! I am actually close to you (Wheelock) and I have a 1 yr old son.

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Well we are now in Vermont!  We have been here a week and are just getting settled in/getting an internet connection set up, etc.  My husband's job is in St. J.  So far so good!

I was just looking in to starting an NEK mom's Meetup group on meetup.com.  I belonged to a meetup group where I just moved from and it was great.  There would be a message board and we could organize play dates.  Problem is it does cost money to run the website, but if there is enough interest and it was active enough it would be wroth it. 

Is there anyone out there interested?  If I hear enough voices I'll start it and cover the first few months myself and see how it does.


I would be willing to come check out the Waterford library mommy group, when does it meet?


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Here is a link to some groups



Here is the link to Waterford library meet up

http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=178303995540137&index=1 (hope that link works!) if not go to facebook and type in Mindful Mommies of NEK

The girl who is really trying to get the meet up to be more popular is very determined to get people to come but not many people are yet. I liked going but not sure I liked meeting at the library as my son pretty much just grabbed books constantly haha.

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There is also a yahoo group NEKHS that stands for Northeast Kingdom Homeschoolers.  I am the moderator right now.  Folks list things happening in the region.

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I would be interested in joining any meetups that you guys have!  We are in northern NEK so I might not be able to make it to as many events as you guys, since you are about 30 min away from me (especially in the winter), but I'd still love to join and make it to as many as I could! 

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Hi, my name is Julie H..  I co-run the NEKmoms.com and the facebook page.  I set up the playgroup at the Waterford library...and the librarian has now made it a storytime.  I have wanted to start a mommy meet up on meetup.com for a while now.  There are many mom's who are interested.  My e-mail is x2xjuliex2x@yahoo.com if you want to contact me.

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