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HCG #4...

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well the numbers continue to rise but the Doctor is concerned. it was only 607 today (up from 494). I have to go back again on Wednesday for another hcg and depending on that one he is going to schedule me for an u/s to see if anything can be seen and to check that it is not ectopic. If ectopic then meds will be taken to terminate. If the numbers drop well then I go back 4 days later to reassess and m/c will likely follow. I was told to stay cautiously optimistc. ..


HCG levels

Jan4 288

Jan6 467

Jan8 494

Jan10 607


I have my fingers crossed as I know there is a slim chance that everything will go well....but it isn't looking too good.  We were going to go home to my family to tell them the great news this weekend....but now we are holding off as I have more blood and possible u/s to do.

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I'm hoping its a good outcome for you.  Let us know how it goes after your bloodwork on Weds.  hug2.gif

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Fingers crossed for you lonegirl   grouphug.gif

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I'll be thinking about you!!

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Any news?

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I should hear from them today after 1.  I didn't get blood done until the afternoon and because of that it takes a day for results.  Fingers crossed....I am getting so anxious.  I hope the levels are above 1000 so I can do an u/s.  I am sick and tired of doing blood ever 48h.  sigh.  Everything feels so good (just as with my son)....but because of the levels I have a feeling of doom.  I want to celebrate and share with my family but I am waiting for more word on what is going on.

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I'm praying for you mama. I hope you get good news today!

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