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Completely Lost: Might be moving to Pasco/County Tampa/Clearwater in Florida Baby on the way

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Hi Ladies,

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first noodle and might be moving to Pasco Country before I am due for my husband's work located in New Port Richey, FL


1. How is this part of FL referred to by locals on websites like this and craigslist so I know what to use as my search term? For example, is it considered the Tampa area?

2. Any information about pediatricians, doulas, schools, midwives, birth centers, baby friendly hospitals, day care, nannies, maid services are badly needed!!! I am willing to drive for good ones.

3. Any information about this area like good schools, neighborhoods, expenses to watch out for (i.e. flood insurance)?


OMG I am so overwhelmed. I am already working out of state and would be moving a third time if this all works out:-(



Tasha (Thparkly)


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Well, Until I get somereplies, I am just calling around until I find somebody.


I called Breath Of Life in Largo, Fl.  The lady I spoke with was very cranky and impatient, telling me that since I can't attend all of their childbirth classes if I come that late in pregnancy that I can't come there.  She was very impatient to get rid of me. 


So far not good!


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Sorry that was your experience with them. Its not always the case, and the midwives are very nice, and they wouldn't want you feeling that way.


A few answers for you- yes, NPR is often concidered "Tampa Bay Area" just like I am in pinellas. It is kinda far from everything there. While I mean no offense to NPR, there are a lot of nice areas, I think if my husband was going to work in Pasco, I might choose to live in the north end of Pinellas- Countryside, Dunedin, Safety Harbor. It would mean a little drive for hubby, but a lot more, IMO for the family.


As far as doulas, etc.  You can check out doulamatch.com, search what your zip would be, or just plug in a general zip in that area and search. 


There is also the Tampa Bay Birthnetwork for a lot of local resources.


There are other birth centers as well- the Labor of Love birth centers have locations in Dunedin, and in Lutz (tampa ) and there are a few great homebirth midwives in our area as well.


As far as hospitals, I honestly don't know much about the  hospitals up that way.


Peds- you will prob want someone closer, but there are several gals I know who drive an hour to see Dr Jackson Curtis in Countryside, because they can't find a ped up there in pasco that is educated in lactation, allows no vax/delayed vax etc, and works without of hospital clients.


Good luck with the move!

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I didn't answer because I am up here in Tallahassee.  I did meet one of the midwives from Breathe of Life briefly when she was up here for a rules making workshop (the Florida birth center rule is currently being revised and a bunch of midwives, doulas, and consumers are involved to try to make sure it is not becoming more restrictive) and she seemed very nice.  But there is also Labor of Love as well.  Breathe of Life is run by CNM's and LOL is run by LM's (Florida Licensed Midwives) I believe. 


I also know this person in the area:



And am impressed with the work they do.


The Tampa Bay Birth Network should also be very helpful to you as a one stop shopping for birth information in the area.

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I'm sorry you felt you were being brushed off. Though it's no excuse, it was a very busy day in the center! Still, as Director, I did pursue this incident, and was told there was some concern about when you would  be moving, insurance, and the time it might take to get your coverage in  place. And, at that point, being able to get you into the state-required classes, which you referred to in your comments. Part of the reason birth centers are successful is due to the relationship formed between the client and the midwife. I'm afraid we've had some bad experiences with women who decided late in pregnancy that they wanted to come to the center, but did not establish that "connection," and were not able to utilize our services successfully, ending up transferring. As a business (yep, we have to consider the bottom line, just as our clients do!), we cannot afford to bring someone into our clientele late in their pregnancy without the expectation that they will be able to fulfill their responsibilities, establish a relationship, and birth successfully in the center. We have made exceptions under certain circumstances, of course. If you had been receiving care at a birth center or with a homebirth provider, it might have been considered, since your earlier experiences might have better prepared you for natural birth in a birth center.In addition, we would have to have an expectation of being reimbursed for our services (sorry, but we need to survive) in a timely manner.


So, again, I am sorry you did not have a good experience with us at Breath of Life. Our center directive is to love everyone who walks in our door or calls, but sometimes we do fall short. I have dealt with that today, and hope it will not happen again. I pray you will have success finding the birth provider who will meet your needs in our area, but I also hope you will come and visit us or take advantage of one of the activities at our center so we can meet in person.  And let me be the first to say, "Welcome to Florida and the Tampa Bay area!" I love it here, and hope you will, too!

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Hallie, Thanks for the tips! I am still figuring out the vax stuff.

I think I have found the place I would like to give birth at.

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Hi Turtlewomyn,


I did use tampa bay birth network and it was really useful; thanks for the tip:-) I love turtles btw

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Hi Chris,


I am hypersensitive right now and very stressed out.  I have been less than warm with people on the phone too and hope the woman was just having a grumpy moment; it was nice to come here and have an outlet being by myself without many people to talk to.  Thanks for the explanations and the warm welcome.

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Hi, I know this was a long time ago but I'm curious who you ended up going with? I'm in the same boat right now. Pasco County, 16 weeks pregnant, NO CLUE who to trust since I don't know anyone in the area. Been researching for months but having a hard time choosing. :/
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I'm a bit late too. I gave birth to my children back in the Midwest before we moved to Florida three years ago, however, my friend recommends doctors at the Women's Center in Tampa from her personal experience: http://www.tgh.org/womens-health.htm

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