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One land birth, one waterbirth (one cesarean, but I'm not counting it for sake of this reply!).


Land birth was WAY harder to push baby out, and I got "skid marks": not real tears but sort of like little splits in the skin from stretching a lot. She was 6lbs 14oz.


Waterbirth was amazing. I can't say enough about how different it felt. The ring of fire felt better, the push felt easier, and even though baby was almost TEN POUNDS I didn't have a single tear, split, or even a freakin' bruise! The following morning I was sitting cross-legged in jeans without even the smallest amount of discomfort. I'm not saying that if you get in the water you're guaranteed not to tear, but I AM saying that it definitely makes a difference on your body. Never doing land again if I can help it!! Waterbirth is easier, and more comfortable, hands down!

Labour was also way easier in water deep enough to float my hips a little. Night and day from being out of the tub.

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I really want to try for a water birth this go round.  I am birthing in a hospital, but with my CNM, and this hospital is completely midwife and natural birth friendly.  It is where I had my son, and I had a great experience.  In 2006, when I had my son, the hospital only had one room with a labor pool, and I was not lucky enough to get that room.  During my labor, I tried laying in the normal tub in the bathroom, but it made me feel extremely claustrophobic.  I just didn't have enough room, and I had to get out!  Now, all of the labor rooms have labor pools; so, I really want to try the water birth.  I'm a Pisces - water really does it for me!


Thanks for this thready, by the way.  It reminded me to go register for a water birth class at the hospital. 

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Originally Posted by cuddlemama0507 View Post

Now, all of the labor rooms have labor pools; so, I really want to try the water birth.  

This is awesome. While my hospital is fairly natural birth friendly they only have 4 rooms with tubs and are very busy so it's luck of the draw. 

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Like a couple other mamas already posted, I labored a lot in the water but when it was time to push, I absolutely H A D to get out of the water and on 'dry land'. I can't believe my obese, 42+ week pregnant self hoisted myself out of the water so fast to get on the birthing stool lol.gif but ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do... I did enjoy laboring in the water though. I don't think you can say 100% what you're going to feel like in the actual moment but it's good to have options! That's what I love about home birth in general.

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I've had waterbirths with all 3. But my mindset has always been - i know I'll labour in water because it feels so much better but for the actual birth I'll do what ever feels right. I did tear with all three but I think that's due to big babies and my intense pushing urge that is so hard to hold back from...oh, and no moulding to speak of on my babies heads! But I will say that now that I've had three in the water I'm not sure I'd know how to do it any other way. WIth my 3rd baby I was on my bed when I felt him drop down and I needed to push badly but I just couldn't let it happen there. I didn't think I could make it to the next room to get into the tub but amazingly I did and a couple pushes later, he was in my arms. For me it feels more private and easier to let go in the water. 

With this babe, I'm not sure I'll be able to have a homebirth and I'll be honest, I'm freaking out a bit about not having the option to have a waterbirth.

As others have said, it IS safe to have a waterbirth. It usually really helps mums relax in labour and cope better. the deep water helps you float, change positions and 'let go' more easily and in the end do what feels right for your baby and your body. It is a great option to have on hand though. my two cents!

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I'm hoping for water this time!  With my second, I labored in my bathtub until about 15 minutes before he was born, and man do I wish I never had to get out(tub was too small for me to push in).  I'm hoping this time around I can borrow a tub from someone.

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Hoping for a waterbirth (or at least a water labour...will "wing it" as I see fit).  I wanted one for the last baby, but when we got settled into the room, they informed me the tub in that room was out of order.  Grrr.  They couldn't move me at that point, either.  Busy night.  So hopefully this time I'll have better luck.  I've heard wonderful things, and with the shifty pelvis issues, I've heard labouring in water will make it much less painful.

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